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  • We aspire to increase recognition of Kanto and refine its brand image, bringing the region's related entities together with a sense of cooperation and unity. Our logo depicts the Kanto area spreading out like a firework at the center of Japan, an image representing expansion and diversity.

  • 208 large and small islands make up a pretty beautiful landscape that attracts countless visitors to the 99 islands of Sakai National Park. You can find flowers, sunshine, games, music and the reproduction of a 17-century Dutch street called Huis Ten Bosch. Since the government set up the navy in the Meiji Era, the result is a military port and shipyard bringing prosperity to the port city. The US military base brings rich history and international customs: all this adds to the charm of Sasebo.

  • Out of all the traditional cultures that have originated in Japan, there is one most tangible cultural experience of power and beauty—that is the matsuri (festival). We believe the matsuri of Japan to be world-class cultural assets of local communities. Through visiting local regions and getting to know the culture first-hand, matsuri are sure to provide a chance for overseas tourists to further their enjoyment of Japan.

  • Founder of the Beautiful Mothers' Association, editor of Meili Mama (美丽mama, Beautiful Mama) magazine, parent-child activity planner, family education guidance counselor, promoter of developmental psychology.

  • Basically, my blog is a window into the life of my husband (Ryosuke) and my entertaining and wonderful life in Tokyo. I post five times a week, switching between blog posts, comics, and videos. Hopefully you find something you like and stick around.

  • I like to call myself a “word artist” because I like to “paint” pictures with words. And sometimes I get lazy and actually use pictures. Though I’ve always had this inexplicable impulse to write about things, this is the first time I’m actually doing something about it—finally.

  • Cooking with cute characters and unusual ideas. Lots of videos! Fun for parties!

  • My name is Carlo Teope and I started this blog in July 2016. I was born and raised in the Philippines so whilst I know the struggles of having a third world passport, I also have the perspective. A perspective that honed me to be resilient and make it through my losses, to find happiness in simple things, to see the world like I’ve seen colors for the first time, and see beauty even in the most mundane.

  • A premier source of English information and lifestyle content for people living in and wanting to find out more about Tokyo. Est. 1970.

  • All About's onsen (hot spring) guide.

  • Accessible Japan is a source of information on accessibility in Japan, including general tips and a database of hotels with accessible rooms. It is run by Josh Grisdale, who has cerebral palsy and has been living in Tokyo for nearly a decade.

  • I’m an English educator and part-time writer who has spent half his life in Japan. My passions include rugby, cricket, windsurfing and snowboarding—and of course my Japanese wife who teaches me on a daily basis the quintessence of being Japanese, something I admire but can’t quite grasp... yet.

  • A graduate of Hokkaido University's school of journalism, now missing the northern landscape.

  • Planetyze is the largest Japan travel guidebook, featuring videos, reviews, and articles about sightseeing spots from all over Japan. You can discover the sightseeing spots that you're interested in, by watching short videos and reading reviews written by other travellers.

  • We certify roads to run, walk and cycle, valuing the sense and feeling when we actually stand there, not when driving a car. Through the discovery of new perspectives, we would like to help make Japan the most popular place in the world for tourists to visit.

  • TripleLights is a tour marketplace that connects tourists and tour guide professionals. Request a tailor-made tour, from our community of guides. Guides will create the best plan for you, according to your preferences.

    Beauty products journalist who is familiar with beauty market in Japan,America,France,UK,China,Taiwan,Hongkong and korea.

  • The fastest and most convenient way to make purchases and receive discounts, all with the touch of your finger! Enjoy sights and shopping without your wallet or credit cards. Just register and then you can use your fingerprints to make purchases, check into hotels, get discounts, and more!

  • Eric has been living in Japan for over 7 years and yet disappointed with himself for not learning the language. He likes to write about food adventures but not really open to trying out exotic foods! So, help his wife make him try.

  • Working in concert with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. Let's enjoy Japanese food!