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  • Published in English, OISHII is an informative magazine from Singapore that brings Japanese cuisine and culture to the world.
    From traditional Japanese culinary culture to culinary journeys, ingredients to recipes, and distinguished chefs to F&B-related cutting-edge technology, the magazine features insightful articles that touch on every season in Japan.

  • Kyushu is a top-tier travel destination blessed with beautiful seasonal flowers, delightful driving roads and luxurious hot spring locales. Online travel companies participating in the 2016/10/1-12/28 campaign are offering Kyushu travel at up to 50% off. There's plenty to enjoy in Kyushu! Find out more at the
    Official YouTube Channel!

  • Born in Toronto, Canada, Katsura Sunshine is the first foreign-born professional 'rakugo' storyteller since the early 20th century. He appears regularly on television in Japan, and has performed in Singapore, the U.S. and Canada, the U.K., Australia, Paris, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong, as well as throughout Japan. He currently divides his time between London and Tokyo.

  • Lawson seeks to realize its Corporate Philosophy of "Creating Happiness and Harmony in Our Communities" by operating neighborhood stores centered on its chainstore development and operation in Japan. Since opening its first store 40 years ago in June 1975, Lawson has evolved in response to changes in lifestyles and the social environment, resolving inconveniences that arise in its communities.

  • Andrew Woolner is a founding member of the Yokohama Theatre Ensemble and is the current Artistic Director of the Yokohama Theatre Group (YTG). He also teaches the Ytheatre School core Acting classes.

  • Writer ninja extraordinaire.

  • Tech in Asia is the go-to media platform for Asia’s tech community, with annual conferences hosted in Singapore, Tokyo, and Jakarta. With an ever-growing team based all across Asia and the U.S., spanning editorial, events and database functions, we are fully dedicated to bringing Asia’s tech ecosystem closer together.

  • "In this world some people born are like keys that move the world and exist having no connection to the social hierarchy established by man."—Griffith (Berserk)

    Tokyo based film & video-game screenwriter (Tokyo)
    Managing Director at Aoi Taiyo (Kobe Based NPO)
    I'm in love with nature, astronomy and Kyudo.
    I admire my beautiful children: Soul and Ao-Ra Miki

  • From design to politics, anime to tech, JapanTrends is devoted to telling the rest of the world about all the things happening in Asia’s most exciting place. High tech Japan? Definitely. Cool Japan? Of course. Wacky Japan? Sometimes. We cover both the good and the bad about Japan, bringing you news and analysis of the latest fashions and trends bursting out of this complex but little-understood culture.

  • Hi! I run ARuFa's Diary, or 'Arufa no Nikki'! I also make music!

  • Lindsay Nelson teaches at the University of Tokyo and writes about Japanese film at

  • Discover Japan through kitchens! The KitchHike community is the largest of its type, where Japanese people invite foreign visitors into their homes to eat authentic Japanese meals. KitchHike connects COOKs and HIKERs in kitchens. It is a service that lets you meet real people, and eat real food.
    Feel like trying real Japanese food ("washoku")? Go to a local house and enjoy Japanese homemade meals!

  • We're pleased to introduce Japanese companies offering everything from cutting-edge technology to delectable cuisine, high quality components and high fashion innovation. Small, skilled enterprises like these lay the foundation for Japan's economic growth.

  • I'm a navy wife of two years and I moved to Japan in 2014. I’m an assistant language teacher in Tokyo by day and a blogger/writer by night. I am currently exploring film photography and love window shopping for anything hippie.

  • Fun Flying Four is a blog dedicated to our adventures while living in Okinawa … with two young kids in tow. Originally from New Zealand and now living in Okinawa with my Air Force husband and two young daughters. We love to explore Okinawa as much as we can, and when possible we love to travel around Asia.

  • The Nagano Prefecture Official Tourism Guide. Climb the Japanese Alps, soak in a hot spring, frolic with snow monkeys, slurp soba noodles, timewarp to the feudal past, or schuss through powder snow. Start your exploring here!

  • An unofficial blog in English about Funassyi, the equally unofficial mascot of Funabashi, Chiba. While not affiliated with Funassyi in any way, if you want to keep up with the jet-setting anthropomorphic pear, this is the place to go. The site is maintained by Makiko Itoh, who has been writing about Japanese food and culture for more than a decade. A die-hard Funassyi fan, she believes Funassyi is poised to “go global.”

  • Just Bento is dedicated to the subject of healthy, simple bento lunches, some traditionally Japanese, some not so traditional. The focus is on bento for health- and weight-conscious adults, but many of the recipes and methods are applicable to bento for all ages. Established in October 2007, this is the sister site to Just Hungry, perhaps the best known Japanese recipe blog on the internet.

  • Just Hungry started out in 2003 as a place for me to write about my food obsessions. My primary focus on Just Hungry is Japanese food and home cooking. As a Japanese person living abroad, I do miss the cuisine I grew up with a lot, and that is what I mostly cook at home regardless of where I live. I try to always present recipes and methods for people who do not live in Japan, and may not be familiar with Japanese cooking or have access to a wide selection of Japanese ingredients.

  • Japan has a reputation for being costly. Sometimes this is fair, sometimes not. Among our daily-life content, you’ll find plenty of cost-focused information that we hope will enable you to better budget for your life in Japan. Of course, we welcome cost-focused content on our "User Blog" too!