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  • In this program, Fitri Tropica and Haruka Nakagawa take trips to places of interest, taste typical Tohoku and Hokkaido cuisine and shop for unique items. Watch for experiences that can only be had in Tohoku and Hokkaido! Don't miss it every Saturday at 9 a.m.

  • Born in Korea but living in Saitama, Yanghyeon married a Japanese man in 2001, and started a blog in 2004 about life in Japan, travel, food, and culture etc. Elected four years in a row (2008-2012) for Naver blog’s foreign living category power blogger, this blog has amassed over 7,000 followers as of October 2017.

  • Living in Japan for 10 years, this graduate of Ritsumeikan Graduate School enjoys include visiting old temples, admiring Japanese gardens, and photography. After passing the second grade of the Kyoto Sightseeing and Culture Test, Lin is now engaged in work relating to inbound promotion, with roles including manager of the Facebook group Kyoto Traveler, overseas publicity advisor for Kyoto by the Sea DMO, as well as being in charge of supervising the Chinese website for Kyoto Sightseeing Associat

  • I am a writer based in Tokyo and passionate about sharing the awesomeness of Japan with the rest of the world!

  • Chinese journalist living in Japan, Du is a reporter for “中文導報” (Chinese Review Weekly), a Chinese-language general newspaper issued in Japan (circulation of 80,000). Has published “女人的东京” (A Woman's Tokyo) and “无事不说日本” (Everything I Want to Say About Japan).

  • Lin shares the latest information on Japan through articles, videos, personal broadcasts, and more having garnered attention as a Japan-based Chinese blogger to watch, and has been featured in numerous Japanese articles and programs with over one million combined followers between a microblog on China's Weibo and a page on Yizhibo, a site for real-time personal broadcasting.

  • Offbeat Japan is a blog about alternative travel in Japan. You will discover here another Japan, off the beaten path. All the content is created by Jordy Meow and doesn't have any sponsors. Please enjoy the visit!

  • Born in Taipei, living in Japan for five years, this writer spreads the latest information on Japan while operating the Facebook page 凱酥の東京側録, which has around 30,000 fans. Fans are treated to Japanese sightseeing information via unique imagery via video blogging.

  • I’m a freelance writer who has lived in Japan for three-and-a-half years. I cover an eclectic mix of video games, pop culture and travel. Outside of writing I enjoy hiking, exploring the world, and liberal amounts of karaoke.

  • I’m a daydreaming artist, sipping tea and yearning to discover the "mysteries of life." Jokes aside, I’m always up for new adventures with my trusty camera and notebook to document my way!

  • I’m a Tokyo-raised actress and dancer studying anthropology and archaeology at the University of British Columbia. My not-so-secret identity is a black-belt Bujinkan ninja, and I also love the great outdoors.

  • Whether you know exactly where you want to go, or you are looking for some ideas, Veltra has over 4,500 tours and activities around the world waiting for you to discover. With new destinations continually added, Veltra will change your life one visit at a time. In fact, by simply re-arranging the letters, you'll find that "Veltra" becomes "travel!"

  • I'm a comedian and tech enthusiast who's been living in Japan since 2005. In my down time I listen to punk music, reminisce about my years in Osaka, and try to convince my Japanese friends that Minnesota is a state they should know.

  • A Texan living in Tokyo and former salaryman now working as a teacher and actor. Fulfilling the American stereotype by eating his monthly quota of hamburgers. Long time gamer with a big interest in the competitive fighting game scene. Other hobbies include running, theater and video editing.

  • My name is Ice. Nice to meet you.

  • Anydoko is a travel video channel dedicated to the visual experience of travel. It’s about the interesting and the too-good-to-miss, the unknown and the unexpected travel experiences all around us. We’re all about delivering rich travel inspiration to our viewers through our original travel videos series about great destinations all over the world.

    Anydoko is a combination of the English word ‘any’ and the Japanese romanji ‘doko,’ which means 'where.' Together it becomes: 'anywhere.'

  • Coming up on five years between Tokyo and Taiwan. I like to look at the simple little details in life. Chat, say whatever!

  • I'm a freelance writer currently working in Japan. Teaching is what I do. Music is what I love. Producing and DJ'n are both passions of mine.

  • Full-time anthropologist, wannabe translator. Lover of books, movies, nature, and cats, with a penchant for pop music and Japan. Keyword: curiosity.
    Originally from Italy, now living in London, but currently doing research in Tokyo. Basically on the go.