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  • I'm an editor, writer, geographer, armchair analyst and full-time food lover. I lived in the Tokyo area for almost 4 years before moving to Europe in 2015. Even though I love my new home, I still get a hankering for good tonkotsu and miss my ikebana classes.

  • I'm from London and I have been living in Japan since the end of the '90s. I'm a writer, actor, iOS developer and also an avid photographer in my spare time.

  • Pocket Concierge provides online booking and payment services for great restaurants in Japan on smartphones and browsers.

  • Yumiko is a Japanese writer and board-certified music therapist. She writes about cultural topics at Discover Japan. She's currently a resident of Aomori, and she recently published her first book, “Last Song.” Yumiko was born in Fukushima and grew up in various parts of Japan. At the age of 19 she left Japan to pursue her education in the U.S. She practiced as a hospice music therapist in Cincinnati, Ohio for 10 years before returning home to Japan in 2013, where she now continues her practice.

  • Okayama Denim exists to provide the best premium Japanese Selvedge denim to the world. All the brands available at our store originate from the textile town of Kojima in the prefecture of Okayama, which has a rich history of producing textiles. Kojima is credited as the birthplace of Made in Japan jeans.

  • ValuePress! is Japan's most widely-used online newswire service, supporting the communication needs of nearly 37000 businesses and organizations.

  • All About's sake and shochu guide.

  • Working in concert with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. Let's eat Japanese food!

  • Sakemaru is an online community dedicated to sake and delivering seasonal, limited-edition sake that rarely appears on the market.

  • Providing news and information about the world of Indigo from Tokushima Prefecture, also known as Japan Blue.

  • A food enthusiast and a lover of world culture, among many other things, PH is now in Japan for the fourth time as a graduate student. She decided to indulge in her first love, writing, as she embarks on a journey of discovering herself and the world between her passion for the arts and her studies in international affairs.

  • AppleWasabi is a food and cooking site run by Del Cook, a Japan-based chef who has created and directed multiple artisan food enterprises here since 2002.

  • 2014年来日,武蔵野美術大学美術史コース修士在读,画日本画、书道,拍一点照片,听一点金属。

  • Originally from the lush and lovely Rogue Valley of southern Oregon, I first came to Japan in 2001 and currently devote most of my time to acting, singing, writing, teaching, learning, traveling and red wine.

  • Lucky Peach is a quarterly journal of food and writing. Launched in 2011 by chef David Chang, Peter Meehan, and Chris Ying, each issue explores a single topic through in-depth travelogues, essays, art, photography, and recipes. Our Web site,, features daily dispatches from Lucky Peach writers and artists, as well as videos, restaurant recommendations, recipes from our database. and selected articles from the magazine.

  • teaching cook malay traditional food and do guiding in japan

  • BuzzFeed is redefining online advertising with its social, content-driven publishing technology, providing the most shareable breaking news, original reporting, entertainment and video across the social web to its global audience of more than 200M.

  • Culinarily curious U.S. Army Officer, serial entrepreneur and creative spirit hungry for challenges, adventure and the next good eat.

  • I am an English teacher, sometime writer and general raconteur. I have lived in Japan since 2010. My interests are rather eclectic. I like traveling, especially by ship. In my spare time, I write fiction and non-fiction stories. I have a keen interest in history and cultures. I like classic cars. The natural environment never ceases to fascinate and stimulate my curiosity. I am also interested in new technology and innovation to further human development.

  • Aunee Azrina is a Malaysian student who lives in Tokyo. She came to Japan in April 2014. She is now studying Electrical Engineering at Tokyo University of Science. She has interests in both engineering and writing fields. Without neglecting her studies in engineering, she dreams to be a successful communication engineer and also a writer.