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About "All About Japan"

This site is about connections. Every week, we try to draw a line through a Japan-related subject and illustrate how it connects to you, something you're interested in, or at least something you've heard about. The subject may be uniquely Japanese or it could be the Japanese version of a broader trend. Maybe you didn't even know this thing came from Japan, or that a cool thing from your home country could be found here, too.

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We work with a network of bloggers, partners and our own content developers to bring you everything we can think of that might get you interested in something related to Japan. Already interested? Great! We'll take you deeper. We believe connections lead to discovery.

So, are we really *all* about Japan? Maybe not yet. But we're getting there, one micro-subject at a time.


About All About Japan

We love Japan. There are people out there who love Japan. There are people out there who love stuff that happens to be from Japan. And there are people out there who—let's be honest—have no interest in Japan.

Our goal? Turn that third group into the second, the second into the first, and get the first to get off their butts and come pay us a visit! If demonstrating how many cool things and ideas can be found in Japan pushes people along the way, we'll gladly keep doing it week after week!

So, what if you already live here? Then we've got lots to show you! Or maybe you've got something you'd like to show everyone else? Then see the contact section about getting in touch—we'd love to help you share it!

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About "All About Japan"

It doesn't matter how long you've lived here or how many times you've visited Japan, there's always something new to discover. And with the greatest transportation system in the world, there's no excuse not to keep exploring! Check this section for hot spots, travel tips and key insights into traditional culture to keep you on the right path.

Japan is food country, with a specialty in every region. In fact, turn on a Japanese TV and you'll be hard-pressed to find a show that doesn't involve food somehow. We'll give you great places to go and great things you can make in the comfort of your own home. Food is universal!

Have you noticed that Japan is weird? So have we. There's also a lot of cool stuff and fantastic pop culture, from anime to indie rock, fashion trends and video games. We'll give you everything we can!

Japan makes cool stuff. But it also comes up with some pretty incredible ideas, from scientific innovations to local city planning—and sometimes even the simplest idea can have the most amazing effects.

Get stuff from Japan, made by traditional Japanese artisans.


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