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  • 1. All About Japan
    Under current regulations, All About Japan is a comprehensive information service provided by All About, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “we,”, “us” or “our”) to users at and its related URLs, with a focus on information and content from its editorial staff, as well as that of cooperative partners. All About Japan also features advertisements from sponsors in designated advertising spaces.
  • 2. Changes and notifications of current regulations
    Changes are made to the current regulations as necessary. Any time a change is made, users will not be notified. Please refer to the main page for the latest version.
  • 3. Copyright
    The following items are included under protection from various international copyright laws and ordinances by All About Japan: articles, music, paintings, drawings/films/photographs/programs, collected works, data from databases, and any secondary works to the above. Any attempt to reproduce, transmit, broadcast, loan, translate, forge, or adapt these works without permission from us, Inc. and our partners and sponsors is a violation of copyright law and will be treated as such, with compensation for damages being sought.
  • 4. Disclaimer
    Due to cases of subjective evaluative information, changes over time, and hearsay, we and our information providers do not guarantee the integrity, accuracy, or security of any information provided by All About Japan, information from third-party websites, or articles submitted by users. We will not be held responsible for any trouble or damages incurred as a result of information from All About Japan, third-party information, user articles, news from advertising sponsors, or correspondence from external websites such as emails, phone calls, and faxes.
  • 5. Information usage
    We may create and make use of general statistical data based on opinions and inquiries sent by users to All About Japan in such a way that it is impossible to identify any individual user.
  • 6. Authorized law and court jurisdiction
    All About Japan and its terms of service are based on the national law of Japan. All disputes related to All About Japan will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court at the first instance.
  • 7. A warning about information on this website
    Although we are constantly trying to improve the reliability of our information (including advertisements, external links, message boards, email magazines, etc.), we cannot ensure complete security. We, along with all of our guides and information providers, cannot be held responsible for damages incurred from any of the information provided. Please consult all disclaimers before using this website.

Privacy Policy

  • 1. Privacy policy scope
    All About Japan's privacy policy applies to the handling of collected personal information on customers of All About, Inc. Customers' personal information may be collected via survey by advertising sponsors whose ads are featured on our website. We only provide the advertising space to sponsors, who may collect, use, store, and monitor personal information on customers. Consequently, personal information shared outside the scope of our site is not protected under our privacy policy.
  • 2. We will collect personal information via All About Japan in the following instances. While the following are all examples, the collection of personal information may occur in other instances. Furthermore, we will not collect personal information without customer's consent.
    • (1) When a customer uses All About Japan (e.g. registering as a member or monitor, filling out a survey, entering a promotional event, buying one of our products, and other cases as may apply).
    • (2) When a customer provides information without using our services
    • (3) When collecting publicly available information online in order to assist us with an investigation or other operations.
      *The personal information that we collect from customers is dependent on which of our services is utilized, and may include the following: name, address, phone number, email address, social service account information, company or organization name, position or job title, and any other related information, including birth date, gender, interests, bank account information, credit card information, and any other information deemed necessary for using one of our services, such as registering for an email magazine, completing a survey, applying for a promotional event, or purchasing an item. Please note that some of the examples of information listed may not be capable of uniquely identifying an individual.
  • 3. Personal information purpose of use
    The personal information that we collect from customers is generally used for the following purposes:
    • (1) To allow customers to login to our services, as well as to complete shopping transactions such as shipping, deposits, repayments, and customer support
    • (2) To provide information about goods and services via email magazines, emails, mail, and telephone
    • (3) To conduct examinations of our business operations, along with promoting sales and other business activities
    • (4) To respond to customer inquiries
    • (5) To assist our advertising sponsors with surveys
    • (6) Any other specified purposes for collecting personal information
  • 4. Statistical data use
    In cases where the personal information collected is used to create statistical data that is disclosed outside of the company, we will present the information such that unique individuals cannot be identified.
  • 5. Management of personal information
    We maintain a pertinent management system for the sake of personal information security. Internally, we restrict access to the database that contains personal information to authorized parties in order to prevent unwanted handling of data. We have adequate security measures in place, such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect against the dangers of identity theft or fraud from outside parties and help keep your data safe.
  • 6. Procedure for entrusting personal information
    In cases where we entrust certain tasks to an external work consignment agency, such as email or postal shipping/handling, customer support, delivery arrangements, or the creation of statistical data, the handling of personal information may also be entrusted to the same agency. The agency we work with allows us to directly monitor the management of personal data, with the prevention of data leakage as a requirement of our agreement.
  • 7. Providing or disclosing personal information to third parties
    As a rule, we do not submit our customers' personal information to third parties except during the consignment process specified in #6. However, in the following cases, we may provide or disclose personal information, after careful consideration as to that necessity of the information.
    • (1) When necessary to protect a person's life, health, or assets, or when needed especially to encourage healthy childhood development or promote public health, when it is difficult to acquire consent from the associated parties
    • (2) When a consigned party such as a national agency or local public body must comply with a lawful order, and seeking customer consent would impede the execution of said compliance
    • (3) When a third party (advertising sponsors, shipping carriers, etc.) needs personal information in order to provide the appropriate services to any of our customers
    • (4) When any operations or all or part of a service is assigned to a third party (including but not limited to company dissolution)
    • (5) When the collection of personal information has been made explicitly clear to a customer (including but not limited to disclosure of personal information instead of general statistics when necessary for services such as the publication of articles)
    • (6) When required by or otherwise permitted by the Personal Information Protection Law or any other legislation.
  • 8. Personal information supervisor
    The following entities are designated as personal information supervisors who directly oversee the management of personal information
    -All About, Inc.
    -Information Security Room General Manager
  • 9. Inquiries regarding personal information disclosure and discussion
    • (1) In regards to their own personal information, customers may file a request for the following: a notice regarding its purpose of use; disclosing, correcting or supplementing the information; or deleting or otherwise ending internal or third-party usage of the data. Requests for the disclosure of personal information, complaints regarding the handling of said information and all related discussions can be submitted here( There are cases where backup data is unable to be validated, corrected, or otherwise deleted.
    • (2) When receiving a request or submission in regards to the disclosure of personal information, we will confirm customer identity by validating a unique piece of information: ID, password, name, address, telephone number, birth date, email address, etc.
    • (3) We will respond to requests and inquiries regarding the disclosure of personal information as quickly as possible, provided that we can verify the identity of the submitter.
  • 10. Changes and notifications regarding the privacy policy
    The privacy policy may change without advance notice. The current policy will be in effect at the time it is posted on our homepage, so please verify the most up-to-date policy before using our services.