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  • In Japan since 2001, I'm a former ALT trainer who's lived in Shizuoka, Saitama and Tokyo, and visited 34 of Japan's 47 prefectures (13 to go!). When I can get out from behind the editorial desk, I take photos, do bits of theater and practice German longsword.

  • Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, RocketNews24 is a bilingual news blog. Since our humble launch in 2008 we’ve built a massive fan base by reporting the interesting, strange and random.

  • Trip101 is a one-stop guide for travel enthusiasts around the world. Supported by an ever-growing community of travel writers, we provide inspiration and quality content to help facilitate travel in a fun and meaningful manner! Be it destination guides, accommodation reviews or travel tips, Trip101 always shares the freshest, most comprehensive and interesting travel recommendations around the world.

  • Discover the beauty of Japan's 34 national parks, including three World Natural Heritage Sites and four World Cultural Heritage Sites registered under UNESCO.

  • After working as an editor for Summit Media, the leading publishing company in the Philippines, I went to business school in Tokyo to prepare for the building of my future social enterprise that combines the elements of my Creative Source, Travelvocacy, and Ministry of Food. Nowadays, while learning Nihongo, I’m writing my memoir Made in Japan, while hosting and cooking for the PhilippineRoving Restaurant, promoting cultural exchange in Japan. My favorite words are write, eat, travel, yoga, and

  • Masayoshi Sakamoto is a Japanese writer and translator based in Toyama. He writes news and columns for a number of publications and web magazines, including All About Japan. He contributes to All About as its Kurobe-Tateyama guide.

  • Writer, director and photographer based in the Kansai region of Japan. Passionate about finding unique places to travel to, and also the performing arts.

  • Art of life & travel; local vs. foreign. It's me, it's not me; but definitely for you. #Followme, together we tell a story.

  • Working in concert with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. Let's enjoy Japanese food!

  • Drawing from an extensive multicultural database and resources, Spoon & Tamago attempts to comprehensively cover all aspects of Japanese design, from fine art and architecture to product and graphic design.

  • I am a writer based in Tokyo and passionate about sharing the awesomeness of Japan with the rest of the world!

  • Born in Korea but living in Saitama, Yanghyeon married a Japanese man in 2001, and started a blog in 2004 about life in Japan, travel, food, and culture etc. Elected four years in a row (2008-2012) for Naver blog’s foreign living category power blogger, this blog has amassed over 7,000 followers as of October 2017.

  • Chinese journalist living in Japan, Du is a reporter for “中文導報” (Chinese Review Weekly), a Chinese-language general newspaper issued in Japan (circulation of 80,000). Has published “女人的东京” (A Woman's Tokyo) and “无事不说日本” (Everything I Want to Say About Japan).

  • Living in Japan for 10 years, this graduate of Ritsumeikan Graduate School enjoys include visiting old temples, admiring Japanese gardens, and photography. After passing the second grade of the Kyoto Sightseeing and Culture Test, Lin is now engaged in work relating to inbound promotion, with roles including manager of the Facebook group Kyoto Traveler, overseas publicity advisor for Kyoto by the Sea DMO, as well as being in charge of supervising the Chinese website for Kyoto Sightseeing Associat

  • Born in Beijing, Jiang serves as Editor-in-Chief of the People's Daily Overseas Edition Japan Monthly and the Tokyo branch of Orient Publishing Center, as well as special Japan-based reporter for the Global Times. His Sina blog, Jiang Feng’s Blog has been accessed approx. 140 million times and his microblog, Jiang Feng’s Sina Weibo, has 900,000 followers.

  • Lin shares the latest information on Japan through articles, videos, personal broadcasts, and more having garnered attention as a Japan-based Chinese blogger to watch, and has been featured in numerous Japanese articles and programs with over one million combined followers between a microblog on China's Weibo and a page on Yizhibo, a site for real-time personal broadcasting.

  • Sister site to JRock247, NekoPOP features reviews, interviews and commentary for J-Pop, idols, dance and other cool things from Japanese pop culture. Owned and operated by Resonance Media, its writers include a selection of DJs, music managers and others with a deep interest in Japan's music scene.

  • Offbeat Japan is a blog about alternative travel in Japan. You will discover here another Japan, off the beaten path. All the content is created by Jordy Meow and doesn't have any sponsors. Please enjoy the visit!

  • Japan-based journalist born in China’s Henan province, Sun is mainly in charge of coverage, articles, and compilation relating to Japanese-Chinese economics for “中文導報” (Chinese Review Weekly), a Chinese newspaper with a circulation of 80,000 in Japan.

  • Born in Taipei, living in Japan for five years, this writer spreads the latest information on Japan while operating the Facebook page 凱酥の東京側録, which has around 30,000 fans. Fans are treated to Japanese sightseeing information via unique imagery via video blogging.