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  • Has worked in advertising and publishing and as writer and editor of feature articles on travel, food, art, culture, and lifestyle. Had an eight-year stint as a boutique hotel developer and operator in Siem Reap, Cambodia, gateway to Angkor Wat, then returned to Japan where he presently lives in Kamakura pursuing his interest in Japanese history and culture. Also worked for The Lonely Planet travel guides and, the first online international city guide.

  • Originally from New Zealand, Louise George Kittaka is a bilingual writer, content developer and university lecturer based in Tokyo. Her areas of interest include travel, business, education, environmental concerns, and issues pertaining to the international community. When she isn’t at her computer, Louise loves exploring waterfalls, going to cake buffets and collecting anything related to the Aliens movie franchise.

  • Anthony studied Japanese in Australia, spent a year in Japan in 1990, and moved here in 2007. He is a translator, with a background in travel, a qualified tea ceremony instructor, and DJ, with a fixation for kanji. You’ll always find him on Twitter!

  • Jim Rion is an American translator and writer living in Yamaguchi Prefecture. He came to Japan in 2004 after studying German and earning a master’s degree in linguistics from the University of Iowa. He is certified by SSI International as a shōchū advisor and international kikisake-shi, or sake sommelier, and a Sake Professional by the Sake Education Council.

  • Alice has lived and worked in Japan for close to 25 years. She studied Japanese art at Princeton University and translates for museums throughout Japan. Her popular column in The Japan Times, which ran from 2001 to 2015, answered readers’ questions on Japan with meticulously researched yet decidedly off-beat reports on everything from industrial safety to traditional talismans. She has appeared on NHK World and is certified as an expert consultant by the Japan Tourism Agency.

  • Originally from Australia, I have lived in Tokyo for three years now. My passions include writing, photography and film while also exploring all aspects of Japan and its culture.

  • A Tokyo resident for over 15 years, Mac is the founder and lead guide of Maction Planet, which specializes in bespoke Japan travel. He has travelled to over 100 countries and all 7 continents. He is also the creator of Kanpai Planet, a YouTube channel helping people discover the world of Japanese drinks, with active social media on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  • I have a healthy addiction to bathing in Japanese onsens. So far, I have soaked in around six hundred hot springs while traveling across Japan by train, plane, boat, snowshoe, bicycle, and foot. My current home is Niigata, but I've also lived in Nagoya, Nagasaki, Oita, and Matsumoto. I am getting close to my goal of visiting every prefecture of this fascinating country.

  • Vicki L Beyer is an Australian-American freelance travel writer who has visited every prefecture in Japan but continues to explore the country. Follow her blog at

  • A foodie who loves to explore, my favorite things to do include walking around any city to find delicious food, as well as taking a mid afternoon break with a glass of wine. I enjoy cooking and exploring new cafes and restaurants in my free time.

  • Originally from small-town Ontario, Canada, Helen now calls Kamakura home. She keeps busy with writing, editing, innkeeping, and caring for two small humans.

  • From Melbourne, Australia, Steve currently lives in Niigata City. His passions include discovering local sake, marathoning anime, and traveling as much of Japan as possible.

  • Tim Hornyak is a Canadian writer based in Tokyo, Japan, who has worked in journalism for more than 20 years. He has written extensively about travel, food, technology, science, culture and business in Japan for media including The New York Times, Nature, Science, Scientific American, CNBC, CNET, The Japan Times and IDG News. He is the author of Loving the Machine: The Art and Science of Japanese Robots.

  • Gregory Starr is a writer, editor, and translator who lives on the Miura coast

  • After working as an editor for Summit Media, the leading publishing company in the Philippines, I went to business school in Tokyo to prepare for the building of my future social enterprise that combines the elements of my Creative Source, Travelvocacy, and Ministry of Food. Nowadays, while learning Nihongo, I’m writing my memoir Made in Japan, while hosting and cooking for the PhilippineRoving Restaurant, promoting cultural exchange in Japan. My favorite words are write, eat, travel, yoga, and

  • Elizabeth is a writer and stay-at-home mother wrapping up her PhD dissertation in Japanese and Canadian History from her home in Kyushu. If she’s not in a bookstore scouring the shelves for new finds, flipping through a recent fashion magazine, or ordering a royal milk tea to go, she is probably in a nearby park teaching her daughter the names of flowers in English and Japanese.

  • Selena Hoy is a Tokyo-based writer who specializes in travel, culture, food, art, business, and beyond. Her work has appeared in BBC Travel, Roads and Kingdoms, CNN Travel, Jetstar Magazine, and others.

  • Since his arrival in Asia in 1965, Mark Schreiber held jobs in retailing, public relations, advertising and market research before becoming a freelance writer and translator.

  • Hello! I'm Neal, from Jacksonville, Florida. I've been living in Japan for almost seven years now, first in Gunma Prefecture and now in Kanagawa. I run an international school in Kawasaki and when I'm not chasing kids around, I'm writing and shooting film.

  • I’m a current eikaiwa (English conversation) teacher who loves to travel. When I get some of that coveted time off, I like to explore as much of Japan as possible! In my free time I take photos, do digital art, and practice my kanji through the art of Japanese calligraphy.