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  • Local Creators’ Market is a project aims to strengthen ties between the localities where craft traditions are upheld, the creators who live there carrying on those skills and know-how, and potential markets for them beyond Japan.

  • Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, SoraNews24 is a bilingual news blog. Since our humble launch in 2008 we’ve built a massive fan base by reporting the interesting, strange and random.

  • Drawing from an extensive multicultural database and resources, Spoon & Tamago attempts to comprehensively cover all aspects of Japanese design, from fine art and architecture to product and graphic design.

  • Two Irishmen in Tokyo looking to turn Japanese manhole covers into wearable art. Traditional silk printing techniques, passion, and more!

  • We love Japan, and we hope we can help you find something you can love about it, too! We're always looking for something fun, weird, exciting or intriguing to highlight just how fascinating this place can be.

  • Highlighting the best clips and entertainment news from Japanese TV, including movies, idol groups, anime, video games and more!

  • Discover the beauty of Japan's 34 national parks, including three World Natural Heritage Sites and four World Cultural Heritage Sites registered under UNESCO.

  • When not working, I am a hiker, walker, avid photo-taker, and singer, both in a choir and at karaoke. I also love visiting Japanese temples, shrines, and castles. I have been in Japan since 1998, spending the first 15 years in Tochigi before relocating to Tokyo.

  • Quirky little British lass who worships all things Naruto (TV series), Reina graduated from Japanese voice-acting school and is currently freelancing as a bilingual actress and voice actress. Hobbies include katana exercise, karaoke and watching anime.

  • Trip101 is a one-stop guide for travel enthusiasts around the world. Supported by an ever-growing community of travel writers, we provide inspiration and quality content to help facilitate travel in a fun and meaningful manner! Be it destination guides, accommodation reviews or travel tips, Trip101 always shares the freshest, most comprehensive and interesting travel recommendations around the world.

  • Marky is a long-term resident of Tokyo who writes about Japanese history and culture, particularly the history of Edo-Tokyo. He loves traveling in Japan, exploring and photographing the lesser known parts of the country.

  • Selena Hoy is a Tokyo-based writer who specializes in travel, culture, food, art, business, and beyond. Her work has appeared in BBC Travel, Roads and Kingdoms, CNN Travel, Jetstar Magazine, and others.

  • Flying the Nest is an award-winning couple travel, wanderlust and lifestyle blog by two young Australians, Stephen and Jess. Find travel tips, fashion, adventure, photography and daily vlogs from across the world on their YouTube channel

  • Time Travel Turtle is a travel blog by journalist Michael Turtle that explores the culture, history and people of the world.

  • Anime News Network was created as a news source that focuses on the medium of Japanese Animation (anime) and Japanese comics (manga). With in-depth coverage, analysis and commentary to provide insight into the world of anime and manga, ANN has been and continues to be the #1 English language source for anime and manga news on the Internet.

  • Zoooming Japan does what the title implies: it zooms Japan, bringing it closer to everybody and offering a lot of details about the country. The website focuses on traveling in Japan, but also has a lot of other interesting information concerning daily life (e.g. how to obtain a Japanese driver’s license) and culture.

  • I live in Kawasaki, just outside Tokyo, where I work as an English teacher and freelance writer. I spend most of my time studying, reading comics, watching movies, and gaming. I love to travel, eat good food, and drink.

  • A madman who decided that creating images was the way to earn money in a world that doesn't pay for it. When not scraping by each month, I try to spend as much time as possible with like-minded folk in underground subcultures or behind the wheel on Japan's serpentine mountain roads.

  • Japan-based journalist born in China’s Henan province, Sun is mainly in charge of coverage, articles, and compilation relating to Japanese-Chinese economics for “中文導報” (Chinese Review Weekly), a Chinese newspaper with a circulation of 80,000 in Japan.

  • I'm a writer, translator and content developer for educational materials. Recently I realized that being a writer helps a lot in my daytime work. Learning starts from when we find something that tickles our curiosity!