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  • We provide videos of Japanese culture and traditional crafts to show people all around the world!

  • Local Creators’ Market is a project aims to strengthen ties between the localities where craft traditions are upheld, the creators who live there carrying on those skills and know-how, and potential markets for them beyond Japan.

  • Two Irishmen in Tokyo looking to turn Japanese manhole covers into wearable art. Traditional silk printing techniques, passion, and more!

  • Highlighting the best clips and entertainment news from Japanese TV, including movies, idol groups, anime, video games and more!

  • Marky is a long-term resident of Tokyo who writes about Japanese history and culture, particularly the history of Edo-Tokyo. He loves traveling in Japan, exploring and photographing the lesser known parts of the country.

  • Flying the Nest is an award-winning couple travel, wanderlust and lifestyle blog by two young Australians, Stephen and Jess. Find travel tips, fashion, adventure, photography and daily vlogs from across the world on their YouTube channel

  • Anime News Network was created as a news source that focuses on the medium of Japanese Animation (anime) and Japanese comics (manga). With in-depth coverage, analysis and commentary to provide insight into the world of anime and manga, ANN has been and continues to be the #1 English language source for anime and manga news on the Internet.

  • A madman who decided that creating images was the way to earn money in a world that doesn't pay for it. When not scraping by each month, I try to spend as much time as possible with like-minded folk in underground subcultures or behind the wheel on Japan's serpentine mountain roads.

  • Japan-based journalist born in China’s Henan province, Sun is mainly in charge of coverage, articles, and compilation relating to Japanese-Chinese economics for “中文導報” (Chinese Review Weekly), a Chinese newspaper with a circulation of 80,000 in Japan.

  • Hi there! I'm AAJ's Korean team leader. With a focus on travel and food, I try to uncover the hidden charms of Japan, a land that's close to Korea in many ways, but also quite different. Please enjoy!

  • An artist, a writer, an amateur lyricist and singer, an experimentalist... If I have to choose one word to describe myself, I'd say I'm a "lifelong learner" who's ready to go across the sea to find a new taste of experience...

  • Editor of All About Japan Thai. OK at writing, much better at asking people to write. Only ever own one belt.

  • I'm currently a student at Sophia University but also working as a freelance writer and fixer. I have seven years experience working as a journalist at English media in China including the Washington Post China bureau.

  • Sister site to JRock247, NekoPOP features reviews, interviews and commentary for J-Pop, idols, dance and other cool things from Japanese pop culture. Owned and operated by Resonance Media, its writers include a selection of DJs, music managers and others with a deep interest in Japan's music scene.

  • Born and raised in Kent, England, Robert is a recent graduate of Tokyo University specializing in media economics, and now lives in Japan working mainly in the advertising industry. In his spare time he enjoys travel and photography, and discovering new tonkatsu restaurants.

  • Born in Beijing, Jiang serves as Editor-in-Chief of the People's Daily Overseas Edition Japan Monthly and the Tokyo branch of Orient Publishing Center, as well as special Japan-based reporter for the Global Times. His Sina blog, Jiang Feng’s Blog has been accessed approx. 140 million times and his microblog, Jiang Feng’s Sina Weibo, has 900,000 followers.

  • Writer, journalist, and home brewer. University of Arizona graduate, unrepentant host to the travel bug.

  • André Mazzone is a writer, photographer and visual effects technician currently living in Northern California. His insatiable thirst for new experiences has him regularly travelling to all corners of the globe. His passions include bouldering, eating, reading, art, cinema and hiking wherever epic nature is to be found.

  • was started in June 1998 by American James Gibbs, who had been living and working in Japan intermittently since 1985. With job seekers and employers demanding more functionality, we compiled their advice and relaunched the site as you see it today. Always free for the job seeker and reasonable—may we say “cheap”—rates for our employers, with some free service!

  • In this program, Fitri Tropica and Haruka Nakagawa take trips to places of interest, taste typical Tohoku and Hokkaido cuisine and shop for unique items. Watch for experiences that can only be had in Tohoku and Hokkaido! Don't miss it every Saturday at 9 a.m.