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  • We bring you all the best travel tips to enjoy your time in Japan... in Thai!
    From the busy streets of Tokyo to splendid natural scenery, our travel-loving team doesn’t miss a thing.

  • I'm a writer from the North East of England living in Yamaguchi. When I'm not bashing my head against the keyboard I'm making YouTube videos or teaching English.

  • Zoooming Japan does what the title implies: it zooms Japan, bringing it closer to everybody and offering a lot of details about the country. The website focuses on traveling in Japan, but also has a lot of other interesting information concerning daily life (e.g. how to obtain a Japanese driver’s license) and culture.

  • In Japan since 2001, I'm a former ALT trainer who's lived in Shizuoka, Saitama and Tokyo, and visited 34 of Japan's 47 prefectures (13 to go!). When I can get out from behind the editorial desk, I take photos, do bits of theater and practice German longsword.

  • Go! Go! Nihon has been helping learners of Japanese live and study in Japan since 2009. As well as helping people find the best language schools for their needs, Go! Go! Nihon also offers insight and tips on life in Japan, Japanese culture, travel in Japan and more!

  • Products and culture from Japan are steadily becoming a part of New Yorkers' lives today, and it is our mission to provide the best guide to Japanese culture. CHOPSTiCKS NY features articles on the current atmosphere in Japan and Japanese culture in NY, along with over 800 listings of restaurants, grocery & liquor stores, beauty spas, healthcare and more.

  • Time Travel Turtle is a travel blog by journalist Michael Turtle that explores the culture, history and people of the world.

  • I’m a full time travel blogger, and (I’m proud to say) a multiple award-winning one; I’ve been named Travel Blogger of the Year four times in the past three years! I love writing, I love travel, I’m addicted to social media, and most of all – I love running this travel blog. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have turned my passion into a career! My mission is to do more than travel the world; I want to really get to know it.

  • Sam Rider is a sports, fitness and travel writer, based in London. He's written for The Telegraph, The Guardian, National Geographic, ESPN, Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Rugby World and Gentleman's Journal, among others. Passionate about rugby union despite the injuries it's caused to his body, he mostly covers the sport to indulge a deep obsession with the game. Find him tweeting at @samrideruk and on Instagram @samrideruk.

  • Japan budget travel guide. Super Cheap Japan is the ultimate guidebook for cheap travel in Japan. The book is available now on Amazon and all other good retailers.

  • We started as Go! Go! Nihon in 2009 and have been growing ever since. Originally having helped over 5000 long-term students travel to Japan, we realised that some people were still missing out and decided to start running study trips in 2012 combining short-term study and fun-filled activities.

  • When not working, I am a hiker, walker, avid photo-taker, and singer, both in a choir and at karaoke. I also love visiting Japanese temples, shrines, and castles. I have been in Japan since 1998, spending the first 15 years in Tochigi before relocating to Tokyo.

  • I moved to Japan in 2013 for my Ph.D in International Relations at Waseda University. On the side, I write all kinds of things: novels in Italian, live reports on the Japanese rock and Visual Kei scene, and articles about other fun stuff you can see and do in Japan.

  • Bouncing between the U.S. and Japan since 2007 as a student then an English instructor before finally settling into freelance writing, I am a yoga enthusiast and onsenner extraordinaire, having been to more hot springs than you can shake a stick at.

  • I focus on simple pleasures, the road less traveled and hiking around Japan.

  • In Tokyo since 2006—haven't stopped exploring Japan since!

  • Sister site to NekoPOP, JRock247 features reviews, interviews and commentary for Japanese rock, punk, metal, hardcore, visual kei and indies bands.

  • Japanese girls' pop culture: idols, fashion, anime, lifestyle and fun! From the streets of Tokyo to the world, we keep updating various information for you!

  • All About's domestic travel guide.

  • Art of life & travel; local vs. foreign. It's me, it's not me; but definitely for you. #Followme, together we tell a story.