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  • Hello! I'm Neal, from Jacksonville, Florida. I've been living in Japan for almost seven years now, first in Gunma Prefecture and now in Kanagawa. I run an international school in Kawasaki and when I'm not chasing kids around, I'm writing and shooting film.

  • A Welshman living in Japan, who has a passion for craft beer as well as homebrewing.
    Also enjoys the outdoors, including bikepacking, hiking and climbing.
    Lives with 4 wonderful Jack Russell terriers, so is never bored.

  • Co-author of "Yokai Attack! The Japanese Monster Survival Guide," (2011) "Yurei Attack! The Japanese Ghost Survival Guide," (2011) and "Ninja Attack! True Tales of Assassins, Samurai, and Outlaws" (2011).

  • From East Germany to Japan, via Hanoi and London, I enjoyed Tokyo and corporate for several years but then found my calling and home on the Kii Peninsula. Since July 2011 I live near the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trails where I guide and write while apprenticing with Shugendo priests. I enjoy nature connection and spiritual exploration, forest therapy and transformational travel and I care about rural revitalization, environmental protection, local community, organic farming and feral cats.

  • Japanophile, engaged in translation, interpretation, journalism, food tours, modeling, acting, and voice acting.

  • How far would you go to discover the soul of Japan? That was the question asked by Dean Newcombe and team when they decided to do create Japan's first adventure travel show, runAway: Soul of Japan! Filmed over two months, the runAway team dives deep into the heart of Japan using only natural energy to traverse some of the country's most rugged and beautiful landscapes!

  • Freelance writer living in Tokyo.

  • Gavin Blair has been writing about Japan for publications in Asia, Europe and the US since the turn of the millennium, and is the author of Zen in Japanese Culture: A Visual Journey through Art, Design, and Life.

  • Masayoshi Sakamoto is a Japanese writer and translator based in Toyama. He writes news and columns for a number of publications and web magazines, including All About Japan. He contributes to All About as its Kurobe-Tateyama guide.

  • Writer, conservationist and wildlife photographer with a passion for travelling and the great outdoors. I come from New Zealand, currently live in Japan, and have visited countries in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Africa.
    My personal mission is to re-connect people and nature together again.

  • Bill Ross is an American writer and outdoor guide coming up on 40 years in Japan, 27 with the bears at the base of Mt. Myoko (and they do come in my yard).

  • Writer, director and photographer based in the Kansai region of Japan. Passionate about finding unique places to travel to, and also the performing arts.

  • John R. Harris is a Canadian writer who has lived in the forests of Chiba's Boso Peninsula for 20 years.

  • Trip101 is a one-stop guide for travel enthusiasts around the world. Supported by an ever-growing community of travel writers, we provide inspiration and quality content to help facilitate travel in a fun and meaningful manner! Be it destination guides, accommodation reviews or travel tips, Trip101 always shares the freshest, most comprehensive and interesting travel recommendations around the world.

  • "UMILE Program" is a program launched by Unilever Japan to help create a waste-free world with consumers, where plastics are treated as a resource. Just taking 2 small actions in everyday life leads you to contributing to plastic reduction, recycling and upcycling. We aim to create a platform for circular economy by working with partners including municipalities, and companies across industries.

  • NIPPON TV NEWS 24 JAPAN is the English news service of Nippon Television Network, Japan's leading broadcast network. This page provides a selection of the latest news and other stories to keep you informed about what is happening in Japan.

  • Drawing from an extensive multicultural database and resources, Spoon & Tamago attempts to comprehensively cover all aspects of Japanese design, from fine art and architecture to product and graphic design.

  • What is the craziest, weirdest thing you’ve tried in Tokyo? Is it an otaku culture? Shrines? Green tea snacks? Strong Zero? Being one of the go-to sources for fun and wacky things to do in Japan’s vibrant capital, #TokyoChallenge is always looking for fun and creative ways to challenge its writers to get out and explore Tokyo; every month, we send our writers out on a dare to diverge from the beaten path and travel in ways few have dared travel before.

  • We're here to highlight efforts to reduce food loss and waste in support of the STOP! Food Loss and Waste project, a collective impact initiative. The project, a joint effort by members of the public, local governments, businesses, and social action organizations, was launched in support of targets set by the UN in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Japan’s Environment Ministry. Both call for halving food waste by the year 2030.

  • Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, SoraNews24 is a bilingual news blog. Since our humble launch in 2008 we’ve built a massive fan base by reporting the interesting, strange and random.