All About Japan

All About Teaching in Japan

Thinking of moving to Japan to become a teacher? We're here to educate you on the points you'll need to know before you sign a contract.

Tohoku I Found it!

You won't believe the undiscovered treasures just waiting for you in Tohoku!

All About Accommodations in Japan

From compact capsule hotels to traditional Japanese inns, there's a wide variety of accommodations across Japan to suit every type of traveler.

All About Second Time in Japan

There's so much more to discover on your second trip to Japan. Get out of the big cities and explore the wonders of Japan.

All About Samurai

Unveiling the mystery surrounding the stoic swordsmen of ancient Japan.

All About Power Spots

Looking to recharge with the power of nature? These exceptional, breathtaking natural spots are the cure.

All About Beaches in Japan

Summer is the time for sand, surf and sun in Japan. We've got the lowdown on the best beaches across the country.

All About Seasonal Autumn Cuisine

No matter the season, you'll always find amazing seasonal produce and fresh foods all across the country.

All About Japan's Summer Festivals

Summer is a time to celebrate!

All About Amusement Parks in Japan

Japan is the land of rising roller coasters!


Get the best of Japan, including history, culture, food and leisure, all in central Japan by traveling the Shoryudo "Rising Dragon Road."

All About Cheap Tours in Japan

Japan doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

All About Fruit in Japan

Japan has an abundance of delicious fruits available year round. Learn what's in season now and where to find it.

All About Shopping in Japan

Where to go to get the most out of your hard-earned yen.

All About Autumn Leaves in Japan

The ephemeral autumn colors are wonderful source of natural beauty in Japan. Learn when and where to see this phenomenon before all the leaves fall.

All About Extreme Sports in Japan

Soar high in the 'Land of the Rising Sun!'

All About FAQ Week

You've got questions; we've surely got the answers! Here are some of the top questions from our readers like you.

All About Undiscovered Japan

Leave the large cities and explore the bounty of regional Japan. From the unique cuisine to the local crafts and traditions, there's magic out there just waiting to be discovered.

All About Okinawa

The nation's prime beach destination, Japan's southernmost prefecture is composed of hundreds of tropical and subtropical islands in a chain over 1,000 kilometers (620 mi) long.

All About Tohoku Pacific Coast

The natural splendor and culinary treasures of Japan's northeast region are unparalleled. You truly must experience the wonders of the region yourself!

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