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How Japanese Students Clean their Classrooms

Do you know the secrets of 'zokin-gake'?

Tokyo Restaurant Serves Real School Lunches

Wonder what a Japanese school lunch tastes like, but don't teach in a Japanese school? Try this Tokyo restaurant, where you can get both the flavor and atmosphere of an elementary school classroom!

From English Teacher on Up

What can you do after teaching English in Japan? We highlight 10 unique individuals who were able to transition from the classroom to television, stage, sword arts, professional blogs and the silver screen!

Tackling Cultural Isolation through Rugby

In the short documentary 'Union,' a young Maori working in Japan tackles his cultural isolation using the universal language of rugby.

Teaching Elementary School 101

Thinking about teaching English at an elementary school in Japan? Here are the basics you need to get to know the lay of the land!

The Smart Guide to Teaching English in Japan

Looking to come to Japan to teach? Already here and hoping to get more out of your career? This book may be for you!

7 Key Resource Sites for English Teachers

Moving thousands of miles to teach in a new country can be scary, but luckily these sites should help ensure a smooth transition to life in Japan.

12 Things Every ALT Needs from the ¥100 Shop

Being an ALT is a resource-intensive profession. The ¥100 shop has almost everything you need to be ready for the classroom!

How & When to Apologize in Japan

Apology is a kind of social currency in Japan. But using it well isn't just about knowing what words to use—you also need to know when and how to use them!

Why I Stopped Teaching as an ALT

The Japan Guy explains his reasons for ending his career as an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan.

Getting Permanent Residency in Just One Year

The Ministry of Justice in Japan is cutting the wait time for permanent residency and that, depending on several factors, could potentially narrow the wait time down to one year.

4 Easy Phrases to Rock Your Japanese Workplace

Japan has a number of set phrases that are used a lot in the workplace. Make a good impression on day one by knowing exactly what to say!

Teachers: Beware the 'Kancho'!

There are no winners in the 'kancho' game. But lots of kindergartners and elementary school students love playing it. Find out how to spot it before you, too, become a victim!

June 1: The Day the Uniforms Change

In Japan, there's a custom observed in June known as 'koromogae,' which involves the changing of school uniforms and work clothes to accompany the change of the seasons.

6 Ways to Be an ALT

Teaching in Japan is a big decision, and there are a lot of options available. If you decide ALT is the way you want to go, we're here to help you figure out the path that's best for you.

Teaching at a Japanese University

For many, getting a job at a Japanese university is like hitting the teaching jackpot. What makes it so difficult, and why is it so highly sought after?

New Text Teaches English of the Occult

This new English textbook will help your students talk about the Illuminati, alien abductions and more!

How to Mind Your Business English

Looking for a way to get out of the classroom and into the boardroom as an English teacher? This guide will give you the basics to know if it's right for you.

5 Sweet Memories From School Lunch

Kids in public schools in Japan have the privilege of eating a nutritious, well-balanced meal every day at lunch. Just because it's good for you, however, doesn't mean you can't satisfy your sweet tooth!

6 Surprising Things about Japanese Schools

We've outlined six things that might surprise you in Japanese public schools—from the interesting to the practical to the downright shocking!