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How Akita Warms the Winter

See life in Akita through the eyes of elementary school students as this snowbound town prepares for its winter balloon festival. If you've ever lived in small-town Japan, we challenge you not to cry.

The Secrets of Japanese School Lunch

If you've ever taught at a Japanese elementary school, this video is sure to bring back memories!

Teachers: Beware the 'Kancho'!

There are no winners in the 'kancho' game. But lots of kindergartners and elementary school students love playing it. Find out how to spot it before you, too, become a victim!

How to Use 'Omiyage' in the Workplace

Effective 'omiyage' use can actually play a big part in getting ahead at work!

10 Days of Japanese Public School Lunch

After detailed investigation, The Japan Guy has determined that Japanese public school lunches beat the pants off the lunches at his elementary school back home.

12 Things to Know About Teaching Kindergarten

Teaching English in kindergarten in Japan is a whole different ball game!

Teaching Elementary School 101

Thinking about teaching English at an elementary school in Japan? Here are the basics you need to get to know the lay of the land!

6 Ways to Be an ALT

Teaching in Japan is a big decision, and there are a lot of options available. If you decide ALT is the way you want to go, we're here to help you figure out the path that's best for you.

English Conversation School 101

Thinking of applying to teach at an 'eikaiwa'? You might want to read up on some things you can expect from English conversation schools in Japan.

All About the JET Programme

Have you ever wanted to come to Japan? Would you like to be paid to live in Japan? Check out our guide to the famous JET Programme—and welcome!

Teaching at a Junior High School in Japan

Get all the info you need to decide if teaching at the junior high school level is right for you.

5 Freelance Language Teaching Sites

For many, freelance language teaching jobs are the cream of the crop, offering flexibility and comfort unlike any other. But finding students can be a challenge without the right resources. Here are five solid options to get you started!

An Intro to Japan's 5 Big 'Eikaiwa' Companies

These five English conversation schools have some key differences you may want to study before choosing where to work.

How to Play 'Jan-Ken-Pon'

In Japan, paper-rock-scissors is known as 'jan-ken-pon.' Children here use it to decide virtually everything—and this means that if you're a schoolteacher, 'janken' is one of the very first skills you need to pick up!

How Japanese Students Clean their Classrooms

Do you know the secrets of 'zokin-gake'?

Teaching in a Japanese High School: The Basics

You’ve studied the language. You’ve researched the customs and cultural differences. You’ve fallen in love with the sites splashed across your computer screen. It’s time to take the plunge and admit that you’d like to pursue a teaching career in Japan!

Teaching English in a Japanese Nursery School

Japanese nursery schools, or 'hoikuen,' are day-care centers that take care of children while their parents are at work. Both public and private options are available, accepting kids from less than a year old to elementary school age.

Surprising Truths of Teaching at Girls' School

I was lucky to have the unique opportunity to teach English at a private all-girls' high school, but it was definitely not what you might expect.

English Textbooks Get a Manga-Makeover

English teachers and students alike will get a hoot out of these newly designed English textbooks.

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