All About Japan

All About Beaches in Japan

Summer is the time for sand, surf and sun in Japan. We've got the lowdown on the best beaches across the country.

All About Power Spots

Looking to recharge with the power of nature? These exceptional, breathtaking natural spots are the cure.

All About Dating in Japan

Looking for love in Japan? You're not alone!

All About Kanazawa

Visit the city of gold and gardens.

All About Okinawa

The nation's prime beach destination, Japan's southernmost prefecture is composed of hundreds of tropical and subtropical islands in a chain over 1,000 kilometers (620 mi) long.

All About Life in Japan

What's it like to actually live here? And what can help you get by?

All About Amusement Parks in Japan

Japan is the land of rising roller coasters!

100 Japan

Get cool and useful stuff from Japan right in your hands!

All About Natural Japan

From splendid parks and picturesque onsen to expertly crafted products made from local materials, Japan is brimming with natural goodness.

All About Japanese Tea

Do you know your matcha from your sencha?

All About Nightlife in Japan

Japan might have a reputation for being safe and stiff, but at night the cities come to life with some of the best places to party in Asia!

All About Soba

Think ramen is the only noodle Japan has got?

All About Fruit in Japan

Japan has an abundance of delicious fruits available year round. Learn what's in season now and where to find it.

All About Japanese Transportation

Find out the best ways to get around Japan!

All About Extreme Sports in Japan

Soar high in the 'Land of the Rising Sun!'

All About Japanese Holidays

Believe it or not, Japan isn't just all work and no play!

All About Japanese Sweets

Japan's got a pretty strong sweet tooth—with centuries of history behind it!

All About Japanese Commercials

Japanese commercials have earned a reputation for being strange or over-the-top. We've got some good ones for you to check out!

All About Mount Fuji

The stunning symbol of Japan, the majesty of Mount Fuji has no parallel in the Land of the Rising Sun!

All About LGBT Japan

Love exists in all forms in Japan, and the LGBT+ community is growing in public visibility across the nation with pride.