All About Japan

How to Eat Sushi Like a Pro!

Fumble with your fish no more: This minute-long video outlines the simple dos and don'ts of eating sushi!

5 Delectable Kansai 'Bib Gourmand' Restaurants

"Bib Gourmand" refers to the Michelin Guide's listing of casual restaurants offering reasonably priced, great-tasting food. Here we've selected five great Bib Gourmand-recommended restaurants from the 2016 area guides.

Kyoto Kaiseki Chef Shrugs at Michelin Stars

This 400-year-old restaurant has been around since before Michelin stars existed, and may well remain long after they're gone.

Tokyo: The Calm & the Chaos

Take a three-minute trip from Mount Takao to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, then head down to the back alleys of Shinjuku's drinking districts.

Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo

Considered by many to be the most prestigious culinary school in the world, Le Cordon Bleu continues to strive in the education of hospitality management and culinary arts.

Five Fishy Favorites in Chiba

Sitting on the Boso Peninsula, Chiba is a great place to track down the fresh, the fishy, and the flavorful!

Is Pasta Sushi Possible?

Most purists would say if there isn't rice, you can't call it sushi. But that doesn't mean pasta sushi can't be delicious!

3 Awesome Ozoni Recipes

This special soup is usually only eaten one day of the year!

The Skills of a Sushi Chef

An "itamae" is a multi-talented artist who oversees the complex operation of the sushi bar. Think it's simple? You may be in for a surprise!

How to Enjoy Sushi 'the Japanese Way'?

We're not sure exactly what that "the Japanese way" is, but this infographic will walk you through all the steps of dining in a high-end sushiya with confidence!

9 Unique Japanese Foods that Go Well with Sake

Edamame and yakitori are the go-to foods for many foreigners when dining at an izakaya—but for adventurous diners seeking something extraordinary to pair with their sake, these nine dishes are it!

Saitama's Seven Super Snacks

Traveling around Saitama allows any adventurer to enjoy not only a cultural field trip, but also a regional food trip—Saitama's unique munchies are handcrafted by locals, and reflect the area's culinary heritage.

10 Coolest Sushi Pieces Ever

Sushi has been around for some time, but has really taken off globally in recent years. Chefs, artists, and chef-artists have all taken their culinary and art skills to a new level with these delicious-looking pieces!

Send in Your Videos to Revisit Japan!

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) is on the lookout for video footage about all the things foreigners find appealing about Japan.

The Japanese Sushi Knowledge Quiz

Think you know your sushi? Take this quiz and prove your mettle!

A Christmas Cake Made Out of... What?!

Set aside the traditional Japanese Christmas strawberry shortcake and sink your carnivore teeth into this meaty cake.

Is Sushi Healthy?

Sushi seems kind of healthy, since it doesn't weigh down your digestive system much. And fish is healthy—right? So what could go wrong?

A Tasteful Take on Cup Noodles

Nissin goes a little pop art to advertise its noodles.

The Oldest Japanese Grocery Store in the US

Providing quality Japanese ingredients and products since 1907, Katagiri offers a wide array of Japanese foodstuffs that can be shipped within the continental U.S.

What's Your #MyJapanStory?

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has launched the #MyJapanStory video page, a site that brings together more than 100 videos related to Japan.