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Kyoto’s Top 5 ‘Machiya’ Cafés

Some of Kyoto's most stylish cafés can be found in repurposed traditional houses.

Kid-Friendly Ranking of 8 Okinawan Ice Creams

From Ryukyu Royal Milk Tea to Okinawa Ta-imo Cheesecake flavor, Fun Flying Four offers an honest assessment of how to keep a cool tummy in Japan's top spot for summer.

Halal-Safe Hokkaido Halloween Chocolates

If you're in Hokkaido and happen upon these limited-edition Halloween chocolates, not to worry: they're all okay for Muslims!

5 Tokyo Cafés That Give You an Instant Getaway

Stuck in the city? These transporting cafés will make you feel like you’ve left it all behind!

Fortune Kitties for Fortune Cookies?

Felissimo, provider of all sorts of cat-based novelty goods, releases Hide-and-Seek Kittie Candies.

Bake Your Own Ramen Cake

Sounds like a terrible idea, right? Not to worry: it's not what you think.

Skull Shaped Sugar from the Island of Shikoku

Designed by artist Nobumasa Takahashi, these black and white sugar skulls are perfect for a Halloween party—or just for sweetening your tea when you’re in a ghoulish mood.

Halal-safe Halloween Snacks

Muslims may not be able to celebrate Halloween, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the limited-edition Halloween snacks available at Japanese convenience stores in October.

Ben & Jerry’s Lemont. Fuji

They'll go for the taste, but will Japanese consumers get the puntastic name?

Get Some Red Bean On Your Ice

Ujikintoki is a cool and refreshing dessert that's usually enjoyed during the summer season.

Rascal the Raccoon Halloween Donuts

Doughnut specialty shop Floresta offers up edible versions of the adorable literary and animated character.

Eating in Japan

How many meals can you have in 16 days?

3 Great Pumpkin Snacks With a Japanese Twist!

Sharpen your sweet teeth: here are three healthy, nutritious and easy-to-make Halloween sweets with plenty of pumpkin!

Learn Japanese Vocabulary with Chocolate!

Chocolates that teach Japanese onomatopoeia words unveiled at the 2015 Paris Design Show.

5 Fluffy Pancake Cafés in Osaka

If you're not near pancakes right now, avoid these mouth-watering images at all cost.

Let them Eat Barbapapa Cake

Although you won't find any of the cotton candy that Barbapapa is named after, this café will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

A 1-Page Guide to 25 Japanese Snacks

A California-based food blogger does due diligence on all those snacks you were too confused (or embarrassed) to ask about.