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As spring rapidly approaches, customers eagerly await the arrival of their favorite cherry-blossom-flavored beverages and foods with the sakura Frappuccino from Starbucks being the one of the most sought after items. Now Starbucks is offering sakura-themed merchandise that can be enjoyed throughout the year!

The new spring range, which goes on sale from February 15, 2017, kicks off with a set of brightly colored drink-ware they’re calling the “Harmony Collection.” The items in this lineup include floral-themed store cards, as well as cherry blossom tumblers, glasses and travel mugs which range in price from ¥1,500 to ¥4,400 (US$13.30–$39.03).

On March 1, the “Purity” collection will appear on shelves, featuring store cards and drink-ware in a more subdued color palette. Items will range in price from ¥1,700 for the tumbler (pictured third from the right in the back row of the photo below), to ¥4,500 for the white stainless steel bottle (pictured second from the right in the back row).

The two new beverages coming to menus from February 15 are the Sakura Blossom Cream Latte (¥430-550) and the Sakura Blossom Cream Frappuccino with Crispy Swirl (¥570-650). Both drinks feature a milk sauce made from a mix of white bean jam, condensed milk and sakura blossoms and leaves.

The topping includes pink flakes of shaved chocolate to resemble cherry blossom petals, and pink balls made from roasted mochi rice to add a delightfully crunchy texture to the hot and cold beverages. Finished off with a maple-flavored whipped cream, these new dessert drinks are said to combine western and Japanese flavors in beautiful harmony.

In addition to the new beverages and drink-ware sets, Starbucks will also be offering customers 40 different sakura-themed digital frames to dress up their snapshots. Two sets of designs will be rolled out, with the first lot available from February 15-28, 2017, and the second installment available from March 1-14.

Sakura season at Starbucks is almost as short as the real cherry blossom period in Japan itself, so be sure to stop by from February 15 to get your hands on one of these popular limited-edition items. The drinks will only be on sale until March 14, after which they’ll be gone, like the beautiful blossoms themselves, until next year.

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