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Try the First Kit Kat Ever Made with Toppings!

Sprinkled with crunchy almonds and tangy cranberry bits on top, this is one chocolate bar you'll want to nab before it's gone!

Make this Amazing Japanese Goldfish Jelly

Learn how to make a gorgeous Kingyoku Kan 'wagashi' goldfish made of agar jelly.

5 Restaurants for a Special Valentine Dessert

Make your Valentine's Day extra-special with your personalized message on the dessert plate at any of these five restaurants!

5 Traditional Sweets for the Seasons

Here's a run-down of five of the tastiest-looking Japanese treats that have traditionally been enjoyed in different seasons, from hot 'zenzai' in winter to ice-cold 'ujikintoki' to beat the summer heat.

7 Great Japanese Sweets Spots in San Francisco

From the 'aya-shirabe' at Minamoto Kitchoan to 'ichigo daifuku' at Benkyodo Company, there are plenty of fresh Japanese snacks to be found in San Francisco!

10 Historical Sweets from Hokuriku

Hokuriku has various wonderful 'omiyage' (souvenir) sweets for travelers. Here we outline 10 historical souvenirs you simply have to buy on your next Hokuriku trip!

Popular Imported Snacks in Japan

While Japan has its own sweets and snacks galore, a good number of overseas imports have made it big here as well. Let's check out the list!

Mouth-Watering Melty Cheese Pie

If you're on a diet, or just avoiding sugar, be warned! This video is highly dangerous! You will be tempted beyond the limits of reasonable acceptance!

Even Robots Crave Kit Kat

Kit Kat commercials have been broadcast since the 1970s, each time introducing something relatable to its market. So how are they keeping up with the times today? By introducing Japanese robots, that's how!

5 Nostalgic 'Dagashi' Treats

Cheap 'dagashi' snacks were produced for a time when kids used to count their pocket money instead of their Facebook likes. And they're still kicking!

Strawberry Spring Snack Special!

Let's check out the spring snacks for 2016!

Top 8 Gourmet Convenience Store Sweets

You don't have to stand in line at a popular shop to get good sweets in Japan. Some of these convenience store snacks can even compete with pricey café fare!

Top 10 Sweet Souvenirs from Tokyo Station

Before jetting off back to your home country—or boarding a bullet train to Kyoto—you'll definitely want to arrive early at Tokyo Station and shop around for the perfect sweet souvenir to bring with you.

A Match Made in Chocolate Heaven

A litany of mouth-watering matcha chocolates from Kyoto.

6 Japanese Sweets 'For Men'!

Think it's not right for guys to have a sweet tooth? Japan aims to prove the opposite with these six sweets specifically designed 'for men'!

This Ramen Has a Sweet Treat!

Hidden among the chopped green onions and juicy pork slices is a topping that's the essence of Valentine's Day sweets.

Nagano’s Top 4 Omiyage Snacks

What do you bring back for friends and coworkers after a trip to Nagano? Apple snacks, of course!

10 Signature Sweets of the Tokai Region

The center of Japan is renowned for its landscapes, culture, and most deliciously, its sweets. Check out these 10 dessert items and just try to resist them!

13 Tantalizing Tohoku Treats

Tohoku has a giant selection of sweet traditional treats to choose from. We've selected 13 of the best!

10 Fancy Chocolates For A Sweet Valentine's

Break that bank and surprise your special someone! Here’s a list of fancy, expensive chocolate to treat your sweetheart for Valentine's Day.