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Gaijin Learns How to Make Ramen

With over 1,000 bowls under (and over) his belt, Ramen Adventures’ Brian MacDuckson knows a thing or two about eating ramen. But how much does he know about cooking it?

Nissin's Halloween Makeover

Choose from artistically Halloween-themed cup noodles, risotto, udon noodles and yakisoba noodles.

Otsuka Ai Gives You 3 Minutes for Ramen

Otsuka Ai is best known for her 2003 bubblegum-pop track "Sakuranbo," which spent a staggering 103 weeks on the Top 200 Oricon Weekly Singles Chart.

More Than Just a Ramen Shop

This weird Yokohama restaurant threatens to curse you if you don't finish your noodles on time.

Stand Your Phone in a Ramen Bowl

Want to really confuse your neighbor at the local ramen shop? Set one of these bowls up on the counter while you slurp and watch the double-takes ensue.

Proper Ramen in Hot Spring Country

The owner and his wife haven't just created a great ramen shop in Sharaku—they've made a cool spot to hang out and drink in a classic onsen town.

Simple yet Refined

This is one bowl ramen enthusiasts won't want to miss on their next trip to Sapporo, one of Japan's famed ramen cities.

Life Ramen in Nagaoka, Niigata

Ramen Adventures rolls out some wheels to get to finely balanced tonkotsu gyokai ramen.

10 Things That Might Surprise You in Japan

To avoid getting culture shock, read up on these 10 quick travel tips before your first trip to the land of the rising sun.

Terrifyingly Tasty Halloween Ramen

Black broth. Black noodles. Black sheets of nori. Black garlic oil. Black everything—it's a bowl of midnight ramen.

Are You Ready for Yarn Ramen?!

Ramen is easy enough to make with a package of cup noodles, but knitting a bowl of hot soup takes a lot more skill.

6 Sapporo Ramen Shops You’ve Got to Try

With sushi, uni-don, ikura-don, “Genghis Khan” grilled mutton and the recently insurgent soup curry, Hokkaido is a gourmet wonderland. But if you’re in Sapporo, you just can’t pass up the ramen.

Why is this Shop So Popular Among Foreigners?

What's Ramen Bayashi’s secret? Why do so many foreigners eat there?

Top Sites for Noodle News

There are plenty of sites out there with a nose for noodles.

Vegeta vs. Instant Ramen

In May 2015, Dragonball’s resident attitude with a widow’s peak epically endorsed Nissin Cup Noodle’s new vegetable-packed variety of instant ramen.

Say Sayonara to Instant Ramen

Crank out your own homemade ramen noodels with this Easy-Make Ramen toy.

Ramen Aventures vs. Ivan Ramen in NYC

Who better to blow up the NYC ramen scene than a native New Yorker who'd proven his chops in Japan?

11 Hot Cafés & Lunch Spots in Namba

Where can you catch a casual yet tasty bite in Osaka's prime entertainment district? Read on!

The Top 10 Ramen Shops in New York City

It's a golden age of ramen in NYC, and you should slurp widely and deeply, using this guide for reference.

Ippudo Set to Make a Splash in France

Highly reputable ramen chain Ippudo has been serving up ramen in the U.S., China and Australia, and now sets its hungry eyes on France.