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5 Must-Try Ramen Shops in Kyoto

Kyoto is just as steeped in ramen as any other part of the country.

Bake Your Own Ramen Cake

Sounds like a terrible idea, right? Not to worry: it's not what you think.

Me vs. Ramen Jiro

Ashley cuts through the garlic-heavy air to get at a massive bowl of Ramen Jiro.

Ant Man Ramen?

Cute ramen? Who knew? This video tutorial brings kawaii into the kitchen and shows what goes into the tiniest bowl of ramen we’ve ever seen!

The Best Ramen on Every Continent

Ramen’s not just a Japan thing—it’s a global thing.

11 Instant Ramen Hacks You Have To Try

The list gets a little abstract toward the end, but the first three concepts—grilled cheese, pizza and gnocchi—look like legitimate fun.

8 Extra-Thick Ramen Restaurants in Osaka

Don't let the thickness of this rich tonkotsu soup scare you off! These restaurants are serving up some serious noodles in Osaka.

The 3 Great Ramens of Japan

Since its arrival from China, ramen has been reshaped and reimagined into countless regional variations across Japan.

The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

Nissin Noodles honors the inventor of instant noodles with the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka.

Japan’s Top 5 Ramen Streets

Ramen streets have become hotbeds for talented chefs and aspiring cooks looking to perfect their recipes.

Make Yourself a Ramen Pot Pie

This is basically just chicken pot pie with ramen in it, but why not?

Color-Changing Ramen Cup Holders

The Cupmen series are adorable little characters that hold the lid of an instant ramen cup while it's cooking.

Ramen Crust Pizza?!

It's got gooey melted cheese. It's got a robust tomato sauce that balances zestiness and sweetness with just the right bit of zip. It just happens to be made with noodles instead of dough.

A Serious Guide to Ramen Styles

We're not going to even pretend that a comprehensive style guide of all the ramen out there is possible, but we'll do our best to give you something to noodle over.

Instant Ramen Power Ranking

There are countless brands of instant noodles made and distributed around the world. One brave connoisseur decided to rank as many as he could get his chopsticks on.

Halal Ramen Comes to Tokyo

In response to the global ramen renaissance, some restaurants in Japan are adapting to make their food more accessible to foreign visitors—like this restaurant in Asakusa, which serves halal ramen.

5 Ways Ramen Rocks the Urban Dictionary

Quite possibly one of the most economical meals on the planet, ramen’s presence has seeped its way into modern English slang.

Ramen Alchemist Forms Over 600 Flavors

Tokyo-based “Ramen Magician” Kenji Tsukada crisscrosses Japan to source top-notch ingredients.

6 English Words with Secret Ramen Messages

Get ready to be bowled over by the wave of words that have “ramen” hiding in plain sight!

5 Ramen Festivals Around the World

Much like the elasticity of its noodles, ramen’s notoriety has stretched to the corners of the Earth.