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Slurp on Some Matcha-Flavored Ramen

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Going on sale January 23, 2017 is Nissin’s first ever green tea ramen: the Matcha Seafood Cup Noodle. While there’s been a huge boom in green tea desserts in Japan over the last few years, it’s still a rare ramen ingredient. And Nissin is hoping to pique the interest of both locals and inbound foreign tourists looking for a unique and extremely Japanese eating experience.

Matcha is present in both the noodles and broth of the new product, and in the cup you’ll also find squid, cabbage, green onions, egg and carrot (the last of which is also an unorthodox ramen topping). The package is special too, emblazoned with a matcha-green Mount Fuji, geisha, EDM sumo wrestler and the Doctor Yellow Shinkansen test train.

Also being released by Nissin on January 23 are a sukiyaki flavor for its popular U.F.O. brand of instant yakisoba noodles and a plum kelp tea flavor for the company’s Donbei line of instant udon. Collectively, they’re known as the Japan Noodle Trio.

The three are identically priced at ¥180 (US$1.55), meaning that while some of the flavors might seem intimidating, the cost certainly isn’t.

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