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  • Our mission at Nihon Ichiban is to make both the traditional and modern Japanese lifsetyle more accessible to the rest of the world. We cover food, crafts, fashion, design and much more!

  • Love traveling, eating and experiencing new,
    love Japan, love lives and love the world.
    Might not be the expert of Japan but know Japan well for sure!
    Let’s enjoy Japan!

  • 編輯。

  • 曾任時尚雜誌美妝編輯、報社美食記者。


    熱血 Together!

  • 2012年畢業於倫敦Chelsea College of Art and Design。

  • Drawing from an extensive multicultural database and resources, Spoon & Tamago attempts to comprehensively cover all aspects of Japanese design, from fine art and architecture to product and graphic design.

  • 新浪網旅行、美食、攝影名博,攜程旅行網、藝龍旅行網、去哪兒網旅行專家,自由撰稿人,供稿於《大眾電影》、《Lonely Planet》、《旅遊世界》、《時尚文摘》、《旅遊新報》等雜誌。

  • Japan is known for producing quality products, from traditional handicrafts to modern goods. 100 Japan is a collection of representative Japanese workmanship ranging from beauty and fashion to kitchen goods and home decor. Add a touch of Japan to your day-to-day life—straight from our shores!

  • Trip101 is a one-stop guide for travel enthusiasts around the world. Supported by an ever-growing community of travel writers, we provide inspiration and quality content to help facilitate travel in a fun and meaningful manner! Be it destination guides, accommodation reviews or travel tips, Trip101 always shares the freshest, most comprehensive and interesting travel recommendations around the world.

  • Tokyo Otaku Mode is all about sharing Japanese otaku culture with the rest of the world.

  • 用最敏銳的眼光發現獨到的日本文化。

  • Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, SoraNews24 is a bilingual news blog. Since our humble launch in 2008 we’ve built a massive fan base by reporting the interesting, strange and random.

  • Tokyo girl, loves outdoors and living in Tokyo. Chilling out with my Dominican husband raised in San Francisco.

  • Japan budget travel guide. Super Cheap Japan is the ultimate guidebook for cheap travel in Japan. The book is available now on Amazon and all other good retailers.

  • 208個大大小小錯綜複雜的島嶼和半島形成了相當美麗的景觀,這也觀吸引了無數遊客來到“西海國立公園九十九島“。

  • I first came to Japan in 2004, and have lived in different areas of Japan before moving to Osaka. I'm a teacher, editor, and singer here, performing almost every other month. I'm also interested in writing and photography (especially product pictures and animals), as well as stop-motion animation, cooking and video games.

  • 在日本獨有的傳統文化之中,最能令人親身感受那份強勁與美麗的文化體驗,當非日本祭典莫屬。就我們看來,祭典是足以通用於全世界的地方文化資產。


    為了讓外國觀光客能夠好好享受日本之旅,在此提供十分便捷的祭典日曆「OH! MATSURi」(,讓使用者可以透過「行程」與「地點」來搜尋各式祭典。


  • 中國美麗媽媽協會創辦人、《美麗mama》雜誌總編、株式會社LIANBABY 董事長、自由撰稿人、親子活動策劃師、兒童家庭教育指導顧問、發展心理學推廣者。

  • All About's onsen (hot spring) guide.

  • I like to call myself a “word artist” because I like to “paint” pictures with words. And sometimes I get lazy and actually use pictures. Though I’ve always had this inexplicable impulse to write about things, this is the first time I’m actually doing something about it—finally.