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  • I am a writer based in Tokyo and passionate about sharing the awesomeness of Japan with the rest of the world!

  • 通過微博帳號「林萍在日本」,以文章、視頻、直播等方式,發布日本最新的資訊。作為在日中國人知名博主受到關注,有多次在日本媒體上受訪和出鏡的經歷。在中國的微博和線上直播平台「一直播」上的關注人數皆超過 100 萬人。

  • 住在日本的外國人,用自己的視線,透過視頻傳達日本的文化、旅遊、觀光等的美好與驚喜傳遞給全世界!

  • 駐日專業主婦,白天與小孩搏鬥,夜深人靜時喜歡坐在筆電前,一邊喝著啤酒,一寫稿享受片刻寧靜。

  • 台北人,現居日本5年。經營臉書粉絲專頁「凱酥の東京側錄」,擁有3萬名粉絲,並介紹第一手日本資訊。目前更以Video Blogger的身分,透過獨道的個人影片傳遞日本觀光資訊。

  • I’m a freelance writer who has lived in Japan for three-and-a-half years. I cover an eclectic mix of video games, pop culture and travel. Outside of writing I enjoy hiking, exploring the world, and liberal amounts of karaoke.

  • I’m a daydreaming artist, sipping tea and yearning to discover the "mysteries of life." Jokes aside, I’m always up for new adventures with my trusty camera and notebook to document my way!

  • J姐目前在日本專攻日本語教育修士。

  • I’m a Tokyo-raised actress and dancer studying anthropology and archaeology at the University of British Columbia. My not-so-secret identity is a black-belt Bujinkan ninja, and I also love the great outdoors.

  • Actor, director and writer who called Japan home for nine years before moving to NYC. Lover of the stage and all things Final Fantasy. Hobbies include drawing, gaming, gym, and cooking (not simultaneously).

  • Writer, director and photographer based in the Kansai region of Japan. Passionate about finding unique places to travel to, and also the performing arts.

  • 旅行是一種態度,是一顆渴望自由的心靈,撞擊這個多姿的萬千世界而衍生的輕快愜意。我們都在旅行中感悟人生,了解各地文化。不論是獨身上路還是結伴而行,每一段旅程都有助於擴大我們的視野,讓我們更好地認識世界的美好。


  • 2014年來日,武蔵野美術大學美術史コース修士在讀,畫日本畫、書道,拍一點照片,聽一點金屬。

  • 已和東京這座城市相戀一年,接下來還會有很多年,請多指教。

  • I moved to Japan in 2013 for my Ph.D in International Relations at Waseda University. On the side, I write all kinds of things: novels in Italian, live reports on the Japanese rock and Visual Kei scene, and articles about other fun stuff you can see and do in Japan.

  • 台湾出身。

  • 東京在住第二年,喜歡拿著相機到處探險但總是在巷弄中不停的迷路...

  • After working as an editor for Summit Media, the leading publishing company in the Philippines, I went to business school in Tokyo to prepare for the building of my future social enterprise that combines the elements of my Creative Source, Travelvocacy, and Ministry of Food. Nowadays, while learning Nihongo, I’m writing my memoir Made in Japan, while hosting and cooking for the PhilippineRoving Restaurant, promoting cultural exchange in Japan. My favorite words are write, eat, travel, yoga, and

  • 「TOMOTOMO」是一家提供日本生活資訊情報的媒體。

  • 因為喜歡演唱會,而進入日本的音響專門學校唸書。