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All About the Local Creators' Market

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Local Creators’ Market is a project launched by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to support traditional industries in their overseas branding efforts. LCM aims to strengthen ties between the localities where craft traditions are upheld, the creators who live there carrying on those skills and know-how, and potential markets for them beyond Japan.

The five municipalities and their products featured here were selected from a careful screening of applications. Each locale is notable for the high level of artistry and creativity carried out within a traditional sphere, as well as the potential of its products to appeal to a wider audience.

As part of the METI initiative, each of these five consortia of craftspeople and their local governments will receive support from producers and other marketing experts in effective worldwide promotion of their products and these destinations.

LCM Members

Sumida, Tokyo
Sumida City
Tokyo Textile Dyeing and Printing Cooperative
Kawai Dyeing Works Co., Ltd.
Uchida Dyeing Works Co., Ltd.
Kuronuma Dyeing Co., Ltd.

Kaga, Ishikawa
Kaga City
Yamanaka Lacquerware Association Cooperative
Yamanaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mushu Yamazaki (lacquer painter)
Takehito Nakajima (woodturner)

Seki, Gifu
Seki City
Mitsuboshi Cutlery Co., Ltd.
Osamura Metals Co., Ltd.
Fujita Heat Treatment
Yamashin Seisakusho
Hirata Jiken
Kaiseki Suda

Kobe, Hyogo
Hyogo Prefectural Government
Kobe City
J-PEC Kobe
Mizuki Pearl Co., Ltd.
Pearl & Jewelry abill
Ogawa Pearl
Kano Company Ltd.
Kitamura Pearls Co., Ltd.
KDN Hanbai Co., Ltd.
Jewellery Consultant Tasaki
Taiho Pearl Co., Ltd.
Hanai Pearl Co.
Forza SK Inc.
Fukushima Pearl Co., Ltd.
Mikage Trading Co., Ltd.
Mizuki Shoji Co., Ltd.
Yamasei Pearl
La Verite Inc.
Luna Pearl
Gallery 301
Insurance Service, Inc.
H.U Corporation Company
Anada Management Consultant
Banshu Shinkin Bank
Kobe Shinkin Bank

Fukuyama, Hiroshima
Fukuyama City
Shinohara Textile Co., Ltd.
Sanyo Senko Co., Ltd.
Sakamoto Denim Co.,Ltd.

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