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Shoryudo — Rising Dragon of Japan

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Last day! A Morning in Nagoya

Komeda Coffee (Aichi)

In Japan, a “morning set” means bread or toast included in the price of a coffee. The café had items such as toast and boiled eggs included.

I went with Ogura Toast, which is a specialty of Nagoya. I think it might not be for everyone, but personally I love adzuki beans, so I thought it was delicious!

Tokugawa Art Museum

The last stop of our tour was the Tokugawa Art Museum. Here we could see beautiful national treasures such as family heirlooms from the powerful Tokugawa family. It was very interesting to see these historical objects in person. There were also an attached garden and a restaurant, which unfortunately we didn’t have time to see. I think these facilities would mean you could spend a half-day at the museum.

Overall I really enjoyed my visit to the Shoryudo. I only got a taste of what the region has to offer, so I will definitely come to visit again!