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Gamagori Orange Picking & Crafts in Kanazawa

This morning we started out early again, heading from Hamamatsu to Aichi Prefecture to do orange picking.

Gamagori Orange Park (Aichi)

I fought through the rain to do fruit picking! This park centered around mikan, or Japanese mandarin oranges. The mikan were sweet and delicious. I particularly enjoyed making daifuku, wrapping the mikan with sweet bean paste and mochi (glutinous rice cake). After this, we headed to Kanazawa to experience some traditional culture and crafts.

Sakuda Gold & Silver Leaf Crafts (Ishikawa)

Here we got to experience some of the traditional crafts of Kanazawa by using gold leaf to design our own chopsticks. The shop attendant was helpful and could speak good English. This would be a great activity to enjoy with older kids or crafty friends!


I had actually visited Kenrokuen before this trip, but it is a beautiful place I would come and visit again and again. The trees and pond here were beautiful and lush from the morning rain. It really is a garden for all seasons. I would love to come back again in spring or late autumn to see the seasonal beauty it offers. We then headed back to our hotel for a rest and then dinner made using local produce.