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Amazing Japan in 20 Time-Lapse Videos at Night

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Mount Fuji

One of the landmarks of the Japanese landscape, Mount Fuji, shot at night in this great time-lapse video.


Here's a very unique video showing the busy night of the famous Dogo Onsen (onsen means hot spring), which is also said to be the inspiration for the setting of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away.


Ever wondered about nightlife in Kobe? While the same filmmaker has a series of different videos showing life in Kobe after the sun sets, we loved this one portraying life during the Kobe Night View Summit 2015.


Beppu is located on the Kyushu Island of Japan and it's famous for its hot springs. If that's all you ever heard about this area, watch this time-lapse video to also admire its bright night landscape.


If you only know Nagasaki from history, it's time to update your knowledge with this video showing the bustling city at night.