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Suave & Debonair—Cosplay with Pokémon Flair!

Who would have thought Cloyster could be so stylish?

Interview with Chibatman!

Villians of Chiba beware: there 's a new crime fighter in town!

This Parody is a Knockout Punch!

This hilarious take on the opening of One Punch Man shows that Saitama-kun is not only powerful, but also a great comic muse.

Top 3 Cosplay Makeup YouTubers

Thinking of dressing up as your favorite anime or Disney character at a convention or for Halloween, but can't seem to get the makeup just right? Let these hot YouTubers lend you a helping hand!

This No-Face will Pluck at Your Heart Strings

Famed Ghibli character apparently couldn’t cut it making movies, seems to have resorted to busking to get by.

Deadpool Gets No Respect at Comiket

Comiket 89 was visited by a rare cosplay hero: Deadpool! He seemed pretty frustrated that nobody in Japan knew who he was—despite his maid costume—but we figure that will change come August.

Sailor Moon Gets a Makeover into... a Boyband?

They may be no Sailor Starlights, but Italian singer, Paolo Tuci, and his backup dancers transformed the Italian Sailor Moon S theme into a wonderful '80s-esque European pop song!

Nakano to Become Cosplay Central on Halloween

MAG Festa 2015 will turn the area around Nakano Station into anime heaven on October 31.

Japan's First Female-Only Otaku Café

Sorry fellas, but this manga café in the heart of Osaka is run by ladies, for ladies.

An Unbreakable Sailor Bond

Much like how the sailor soldiers relied on each other through tough times, these 10 cosplayers all support one another as they navigate through the world of anime conventions.

We Wish You a Cosplay Christmas

Following the first truly mass-scale success of Halloween in Shibuya in 2014, a number of revelers decided to carry on the cosplay tradition at Christmas.

Grandma Cosplays as Beloved Ghibli Character

Age knows no bounds when it comes to cosplay, as evident in this Taiwanese grandmother who cosplays as Sophie from "Howl's Moving Castle."

The Funassyi Cosplay Set

This set comes with everything you need to dress like a self-destructive, squeaky-voiced star!