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Thanks to a creative range of T-shirts from Japanese retailer Shalemon, not-so-crafty cosplayers can still attend their favorite convention. While nothing looks out of the ordinary when these shirts are worn, as soon as they’re flipped up to cover your head, a character face is revealed.

Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man!

This Dragon Quest shirt says “Something’s going to appear” on the front.

If anyone dares to ask you what that “something” is – huzzah! Out comes Slime.

Evangelion fans can pilot a bio-machine from behind this shirt.

There’s also Ryuk from Death Note, hiding under a shirt that says “Death T-shirt”.

And the mysterious No-Face from the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away appears from under a shirt that says “Yes Face.”

All the designs in the collection retail for ¥2,808 (US$25.28) each and can be purchased from their store or online retailers like Amazon Japan and Rakuten.

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