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The Creepy & Cool Come Out on Halloween

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The Shibuya area has become increasingly inundated with cosplaying partiers each Halloween season. The festivities usually kick off two weekends or so before Halloween itself, culminating on whichever Saturday is closest to the official holiday with a veritable horde of costumed revelers looking to show off their elaborate, often hand-made outfits.

And this being Japan, the native home of cosplay, for every one shoddy, store-bough kit, there’s someone sporting a meticulously handcrafted ensemble that would look perfectly at home on a big-budget movie set.

Over the years, Halloween in Shibuya has grown into a can’t-miss attraction. So, RocketNews24 paired up with Tokyo-based photographer Cal Widdall to scout the streets this last Saturday for the most eye-popping costumes. Enjoy!

There were many, many Jack Sparrows.

Even the Joker and Harley Quinn made an appearance.

Another comic book character brought to life is the infamous Deadpool.

And of course no Halloween would be complete without seeing a few cosplayers dressed up as the gang from One Piece.

If you can't get enough of these awesome photos, there's more where that came from! Simply click on the link to the full article from RocketNews24 below!

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