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Eat, Drink & Be a Merry Cosplayer!

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The word yokocho, or “alley,” is often used in Japan to refer to a narrow side street lined with izakaya taverns and restaurants all clustered together in a small space to create a lively atmosphere. For anime, game and manga fans who know where to look, there’s a very different kind of yokocho called Cosplay Yokocho.

Cosplay Alley opened on June 23, 2017, in Uguisudani in Tokyo’s Taito Ward.

Here you’ll find up to 30 waitstaff dressed up as characters from some of the country’s most popular anime, manga and game franchises.

Customers can choose from a wide selection of various dishes, with teppanyaki restaurants, seafood specialists, cake sellers and wine and cheese stands all packed together in the undercover area, and while it looks more like a crazy food court, it has the same lively, laid-back ambiance you’d find at a yokocho alley.

The staff will be appearing in different costumes each day, and customers can also join in the fun with a special rental service being offered for free to female diners.

Everyone long time no see. Posted for the first time in a while. It is "Cosplay Yokocho" I have planned and managed in the previous article, but thanks to everyone, it is very exciting. "Jack magician" famous for "Jack Sparrow" cosplay came also, and from "Studio Ghibli animation" "Kurenai pig" came. Every day like events are going on at shops. A lot of foreign guests came, and on the way home they say "It was fun! It was awesome!" It is a big eatery place located 2 minutes on foot from Tokyo 's [Uguisudani] station, so we are waiting for you everyone! Please give me a message if you are interested. Thank you in the future! #cosplay #anime #manga #アニメ#コスプレ #漫画 #ジャックスパロウ #jacksparrow #johnnydepp #tokyo #japan #鶯谷 #uguisudani #followme #like4like #l4l #コスプレ横丁 #横丁 #ジブリ #disney #enjoy #food #shop #kawaii

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Despite the restriction on males not being able to use the rental service, customers of any gender are welcome to visit and wine and dine amongst all the characters while dressed in their own cosplay outfits brought from home.