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Homemade Cosplaying Accessories for Only ¥100

Cheap Cosplay ¥100

When it comes to cosplay, Japanese cosplayers can take advantage of the ¥100 stores’ wide selection and create some incredible costume accessories for very cheap. With cosplayers using the hashtag, #HyakkinGuzzuMachigattaTsukaikataSenshuken (“championship for the best 'wrong' use of ¥100 store goods”), it really got the ball rolling.

Speaking of balls, this black ball and chain is made out of some ¥100 (US$0.87) plastic links and a spiked bouncy ball.

These scales were made by painting ¥100 nails with ¥100 nail polish and fastening them together with ¥100 glue.

A visor and circular box can come together to make a giant hat, which is perfect if you intend to cosplay as the Mad Hatter.

The headphones are made from ¥100 touch lights with cellophane inside, covered in ¥100 nail polish and rhinestones.

This millennium ring necklace from Yu-Gi-Oh! looks almost identical to the one Ryo Bakura wears—only this one is made out of some ¥100 hose and party crackers.

There are so many others we couldn’t possibly share them all, so if you want to see more then check out the Japanese hashtag on Twitter. All of these artists are so inspiring, that it almost makes you want to head over to a ¥100 shop yourself!

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