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2 Ways to Cook Japanese Short-Grain Rice

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Rice is an essential component of Japanese dishes, and though it looks simple enough to make, there's actually an art to preparing it. You can make it using a rice cooker or a pot, and either way, Just One Cookbook can give you some tips on how to prepare it to perfection!

1. Rice in a Rice Cooker

1. Rice in a Rice Cooker

Japanese short-grain rice is the most commonly used rice with Japanese meals. It's not only a good source of protein, but it's affordable as well.

Since rice is cooked daily by so many people in Japan and other countries around the world, the simplest approach is to use a rice cooker. After all, let's face it: time is limited, and with all the things we have going on, sometimes there's just not enough time (or maybe energy!) to prepare your rice on a stovetop.

But it's not just click-and-go! Nami from Just One Cookbook offers some helpful tips on how to make Japanese rice to perfection using a rice cooker below, including rinsing and a 30-minute soak!

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2. Rice on a Stovetop

Cheap as rice cookers may be these days, there's something to be said for the unique taste and texture of pot-cooked rice—and it actually takes about the same amount of time! The basic steps of making Japanese short-grain rice on a stovetop are simply to soak the rice, let it drain, and cook on low heat for 12 to 13 minutes. Check the video above for details!

Think you've mastered the art of making Japanese short-grain rice? Why not try your hand at some next-level rice recipes from Just One Cookbook!

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