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Try Making These Tantalizing Green Tea Treats

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Spring means green, and if you're in Japan during the springtime, chances are you'll be seeing products featuring matcha green tea everywhere. Bring some of that greenery to your kitchen with these five delightful recipes from Just One Cookbook, complete with videos.

5. Green Tea Madeleine

Calling all green tea fans! If you love Madeleine—delicious and soft classic French cakes—as well as the unique flavor of matcha, then these delicious, delicate and tasty matcha Madeleine are definitely for you! Not only are these soft and moist Madeleine flavored with matcha powder, they also pair well with Japanese teas, including sencha, hojicha, or genmaicha (learn all about the different types of green tea here).

4. Green Tea & White Chocolate Cookies

Do you love snappy, buttery cookies? Then you’ll absolutely love these homemade green tea cookies with decadent white chocolate. These cookies are really delicious even without white chocolate chips (if you’re not a fan of white chocolate). However, it's highly recommended as the sweetness from white chocolate chips actually balance out the bitterness of the white chocolate quite well. And this recipe couldn't be any easier to follow.

If you think these cookies look great, you'll definitely love the way they taste! Get the recipe below.

3. Iced Green Tea Latte

Looking for something a little lighter than matcha cakes and cookies? Then here’s the drink you’ll be sipping on all summer long. If you love the iced green tea latte from Starbucks, have you ever thought of making it at home? It’s way cheaper to make it at home then paying US$3 or more for the drink. And the best part? It’s so easy! Click the link below to get the full recipe and learn more about matcha and other kinds of Japanese green tea.

2. Ujikintoki

Why not take it back to the old school with a traditional Japanese green tea shaved ice dessert? Ujikintoki is a summer must-try and with little more than a shaved ice machine, you and your family can enjoy this refreshing treat all summer long. Have fun with toppings such as red bean paste, shiratama dango (rice flour dumplings), sweetened condensed milk and green tea ice cream. It's just not summer without shaved ice!

1. Green Tea Chocolate

Nama chocolate is a special commodity of Japan. Nama means raw, but in this case it refers to chocolate mixed with cream and butter to make a barely-solid, ganache-like chocolate that is both rich and delicate. This decadent matcha nama chocolate, made with white chocolate mixed with matcha powder, is simply irresistible. It’s rich with a truffle-like texture and just the right touch of sweetness. And the tang of matcha powder on top gives it the another layer of traditional Japanese goodness. If you love green tea sweets, this will be the ultimate treat for you.