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Give Your Pals the Perfect Pokémon Presents

Winter has finally come, and that can only mean one thing: Pokémon Christmas-themed memorabilia!

Rest Your Wrists On These Cute Cushions

Do your wrists ever get tired as you work diligently at your desk? Relieve some of that tension with a little help from these adorable characters!

Say Sayonara to Instant Ramen

Crank out your own homemade ramen noodels with this Easy-Make Ramen toy.

Make Your Mark with Sailor Moon Stamps!

Stamp your official documents in the name of the moon!

Top 10 Coolest Things in The Wonder 500™

All About Japan's top 10 coolest items in The Wonder 500™.

One-Touch Sushi Transformers!

Think Cybertron has it bad? In another distant system, the transforming Nigiri and Makare are battling to bring peace to planet Sushilias.

6 Cute Sushi Knickknacks

Six fun accessories for the sushi-obsessed!

Leggo My Lego Salad!

This salad gives a whole new meaning to playing with your food.

The Galaxy Will Never Be the Same

What happens when you cross the Imperial Army from Star Wars with Gundam? You get some of the most intense-looking action figures we've ever seen.

Who Wants to Play With Katakana Transformers!

These plastic toys are shaped like the names of animals written in katakana—which then transform into the actual animals they represent!

Tokyo's Top Christmas Markets

Grab a glass of hot wine and find some unique gifts—and unforgettable experiences—at Tokyo's top Christmas markets!

The Secrets of the Daruma Doll

The Daruma doll symbolizes good luck and perseverance in modern-day Japan. But how did a tumbler toy come to have such cultural significance, and what are the reasons behind its peculiar customs?

Get Cabin Attendant Funassyi at Narita Airport

Swing by Kumu on the fifth floor of Terminal 1 to pick up your pear-shaped flying companion.

Gorgeous Woodblock Sushi Set

Why not give your kids a head start in learning the basics of sushi?

Interview with a Batman Legend

Grab your vintage 1960s Batmobile and take a ride with the Tokyo Toy Guys as they interview one of the most influential Japanese Batman artists, Jiro Kuwata.

That's Not a Store—It's a Bedroom!

Tokyo Otaku Mode speaks to the winner of its Otaku Room Photo Contest. You won't believe what's inside!

4 Cool Wooden Toys from The Wonder 500™

Utilizing one of Japan's most common resources—trees—these toys may well keep your children excited until they turn old and gray!

Japanese Cedar Stacking Blocks by Kengo Kuma

Architect Kengo Kuma, who was recently in the news for being selected to build Tokyo’s new Olympic Stadium, has taken the fact that a triangle is the strongest geometric shape, and rendered it into a playful and interactive interior design building set.

The Girl Who's Wrapped in Dreams of Sushi

This series of "gacha" capsule toys features a little daydreaming girl who uses sushi as a blanket, a bathtub and a swimsuit!

Thomas the Post-Apocalyptic Tank Engine

A Japanese sculptor and model-maker going by the name Y Nakajima hacked the multi-legged Combat Creature toy to give birth to this laser-shooting, post-apocalyptic monstrosity.