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Our 4 Favorite Bento Channels

A well-done bento is truly a work of art, and a number of English-language YouTube channels have sprung up with the hope of teaching folks easy techniques for preparing a unique and tasty box.

Better Know Your Bento Boxes

There are many different types of bento boxes that vary in shape and material, each with its own unique history.

Do You Know Your 4 (+1) Bento Types?

Over the decades, this staple of the Japanese culinary culture has developed its own customs and variants. While it’s impossible to count them all, here’s a brief introduction to the most common ones!

All About Bento in Japanese Culture

From moms and their children to university students looking for a cheap meal, bento is a familiar presence at every stage of life in Japan.

4 Ways to Get Bento Delivered in San Francisco

Say sayonara to delivery pizza—these SF restaurants deliver bento straight to you!

Japan's Best Ekiben

Japan's regional cuisine hits the road—er, tracks—with "ekiben," or bento sold at train stations.

Odate Bentwood Lunchboxes

Odate bentwood, or magewappa, is characteristic of the Odate region in Akita Prefecture.

12 Festive Bento for a Year of Holidays

We’ve compiled a list of 12 bento based on Japanese holidays and festivals, so be sure to mark the dates for these special lunches!

5 Books for Mastering Bento-making

Here are a few bento books that we think you’ll find helpful and inspiring!

5 Ways Bento is Used to Communicate

From motherly love to a meal of vengeance, you can lift up the lid to uncover your message!