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Ekiben Pull into France

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Until now you’ve generally had to come to Japan in order to get your hands on authentic station bento, or ekiben. That’s changing soon, though, with the opening of an ekiben stand in a rail station in Paris.

Paris-Gare de Lyon is one of the busiest rail hubs not just in the French capital, but on the European continent. With some 7.5 million people passing through each month, it’s a sure bet that many of them are hungry or in a hurry, and this winter they’ll be able to pick up a Japanese boxed lunch at the appropriately named Ekiben.

Located in Hall 2 of the station, the stand will sell an array of to-go Japanese meals. Adding an air of culinary legitimacy is the fact that the whole affair is being overseen by East Japan Railways and partner Nihon Restaurant Enterprise. Previously, Nihon Restaurant Enterprise has sold ekiben at special events in Singapore ad Taiwan, but this will be its first time offering boxed lunches to travelers in France.

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