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12 Amazing Mountains in Japan's National Parks

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Roughly 73 percent of Japan's land area is covered in mountains and hills. Filled with stunning flora and fauna, they arrest the eye when bursting with cherry blossoms or beneath a dusting of powder snow. Many of Japan's most beautiful mountains can be found in the nation's 34 national parks. Be sure to give them a look!

Shiretoko Mountain Range (Hokkaido)

The Shiretoko Mountain Range (知床連山・Shiretoko Renzan) can be seen in Shiretoko National Park.

Mount Meakan (Hokkaido)

Mount Meakan (雌阿寒岳・Meakan-dake) can be found in Akan-Mashu National Park in eastern Hokkaido. Click the image above for a 360-degree view on Facebook!

Mount Iwate (Iwate)

Mount Iwate (岩手山・Iwate-san) can be found in the northeastern Tohoku region of Japan.

Mount Tanigawa (Niigata & Gunma)

A view of the Tanigawa Mountain Range taken from Mount Tanigawa, found on the border between Minakami Town in Gunma Prefecture and Yuzawa Town in Niigata Prefecture. Perhaps because the temperature drop was quite sudden this year, the colors of the autumn leaves have been stunning, with vibrant Japanese rowan (‘nanakamado’) and maples (‘kaede’) giving the mountain ridge the appearance of a field of bamboo grass slathered in red leaf sauce. The leaves are now beginning to change at the base of the ropeway as well. #NationalPark #AutumnLeaves #Mountains #上信越高原国立公園 #nationalparks #nature #findyourpark #instafollow #japan #landscape #landscape_lovers #ourplanetdaily #landscapephotography #hiking #outdoors #traveling #travel #explore #日本 #國家公園 #일본 #국립공원 #国立公園 Follow: @nationalpark_japan

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Sitting on the border between Niigata and Gunma prefectures, Mount Tanigawa (谷川岳・Tanigawa-dake) is a popular hiking spot in Joshin’etsu Highland National Park.

Marsh Marigolds (Nagano)

April to May is the best time to enjoy colorful flowers contrasting against snowy mountains in Myoko-Togakushi Mountains National Park.

Mount Kurohime (Nagano)

Mount Kurohime (黒姫山・Kurohime-yama) is found in Myoko-Togakushi Mountains National Park.

Mount Shirouma (Toyama & Nagano)

Tsugaike Nature Park stands at an altitude of 1,850 meters. Accessible from the top of the Tsugaike Ropeway, here you can find the trailhead for the roughly seven-hour climb to the peak of Mount Shirouma. 1. We’re almost at the peak of Mount Shirouma. You can enjoy a refreshing walk along the mountain ridge on a clear day. 2. The view down the eastern slope of Mount Shirouma (2,932 m). Below we can see Hakuba Daisekkei Gorge, counted among the Three Great Snowy Gorges of Japan. 3. Primula cuneifolia var. Hakusanensis, seen in late July by Hakuba Oike Pond (altitude 2,379 m). The surrounding area is a treasure trove of alpine plants, many of which will be approaching their peak around this time. 4. Found on the shore of Hakuba Oike Pond, both camping sites and lodge facilities are available at Hakuba Oike Mountain Lodge. #NationalPark #Hakuba #Camping #Mountains #中部山岳国立公園 #nationalparks #nature #findyourpark #instafollow #japan #landscape #landscape_lovers #ourplanetdaily #landscapephotography #hiking #outdoors #traveling #travel #explore #日本 #國家公園 #일본 #국립공원

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Mount Shirouma (白馬岳・Shirouma-dake) sits on the border between Toyama and Nagano prefectures in Chubu Mountains National Park.

Mount Tsubakurodake (Nagano & Gifu)

Mount Tsubakurodake (燕岳) straddles the border between Nagano and Gifu prefectures.

Mount Hotakadake (Nagano & Gifu)

Mount Hotakadake (穂高岳), also known as Mount Hotaka, is found in Chubu Mountains National Park.

Mount Jukkoku (Nagano & Gifu)

Mount Jukkoku (十石山・Jukkoku-yama) can be accessed from Matsumoto City, Nagano.

Gozengamine (Gifu, Fukui, Toyama & Ishikawa)

Gozengamine (御前峰) and Mount Hakusan (白山) can be found in Hakusan National Park.

Mount Fuji (Yamanashi & Shizuoka)

Japan's highest mountain, Mount Fuji is part of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

Mount Taisen (Oita)

Part of Aso-Kuju National Park, Mount Taisen (大船山・Taisen-zan) is located in western Oita Prefecture.