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Halal-Safe Hokkaido Halloween Chocolates

| Halal , Halloween

Providing the sweet taste of chocolate that melts in your mouth, Royce is one of Hokkaido's best-known chocolate brands, making it a perfect souvenir for family and friends—or just an indulgence for yourself! If you're in Hokkaido and happen upon these limited-edition Halloween chocolates, not to worry: they're all okay for Muslims!

3. Halloween Pure Chocolate (Sweet & Milk)

Available in various flavors like white chocolate, caramel and more, in October you'll find the "Sweet & Milk" variety sold in a limited-edition Halloween box with cute and colorful individual packaging inside. If you come across this chocolate, feel free to pick it up—it's safe for Muslims!

2. Halloween Cookies

Arriving in two types of cute individual packaging depicting a cat or ghost, these cocoa cookies are coated with mild chocolate on one side and mixed with pumpkin paste dough, making a great combination. But you can only taste this special flavor in October! And best of all, it's halal!

1. Halloween R Chocolate

With Royce's "R" initial molded on the top of the chocolate, this is one popular Royce product you don't want to miss! With a collection of four assorted flavors like nuts and fruit cream, in October you'll find this "R" chocolate sold in a fun, limited-edition Halloween box with colorful individual packaging inside. With different sweet fillings, it's a great souvenir—or even personal indulgence! If you run across one of these, not to worry: all flavors are okay to be consumed!