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54 Fun Things to Do in Japan!

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48. Bargain Shopping at Don Quijote Shops

Don Quijote is a chain of bargain stores in Japan that you must include on your itinerary when you are in Japan. There is a wide variety of crazy stuff you can buy at this store – Michael Jackson masks, weird underwear, butt and breast pillows (huh!) weird looking clothes, footwear – you name it, anything weird can be found in this shop! So, it pays to make a visit and purchase some weird stuff as a souvenir from Japan!

47. Hachiko Square, Shibuya, Tokyo

The world’s best known meeting place in Shibuya is Hachiko square. We are sure you must have heard of or read the novel or watched the movie Hachiko. What a heartwarming one at that, so what could be a better place for people to meet than at Hachiko Square. For the uninitiated, Hachiko was a dog whose loyalty to his master was renowned. He died of cancer, but his story continues to be told to this day. The bronze statue of Hachiko is unmissable when you are in Shibuya and is a must-visit.

46. Visit a nail salon!

Nail salons are one of the most popular places for women in Japan. They make your hands and nails feel like a million dollars. One session can take as long as 4 hours to finish up working on your nails, you can make your nails look super long, unique – whatever design you wish for, you could choose from the available designs or make your own design!

45. Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo

Shibuya is very famous for what is known as the scramble crossing. Missing out on this famous spot would be equivalent to not visiting Japan at all. The surrounding areas are packed with shoppers, students, and youngsters. When the traffic light turns red at this junction, you will be amazed to note that it turns red everywhere in the same direction! When traffic comes to a standstill, you’ll see a sea of pedestrians that come out from all directions and cross the road, a sight to watch – some people describe it as "marbles spilling out of a box". So you can decide whether you want to observe this from a nearby food outlet or be a part of the “marbles”. There are big malls and boutiques near this junction, so after this organised chaos experience, you can head there for some shopping.

44. Take a picture at a Purikura

A Purikura is a photo sticker booth in Japan. This is said to be the "Japanese way of memory making," and a cute one at that, like most things Japanese! There are a lot of different types of purikura machines nowadays and each of them has very different features. For example, you could change your eye colour, make your eyes look bigger, wear fake eyelashes, change your hair colour or even make your legs look a lot longer! Of course, these features are optional and use your imagination to make yourself look different in the pictures taken at a purikura. For this reason, it has gained more popularity among the female population in Japan! Other things that you could do include draw or write anything using the “pen” functionality thus making the photo stickers original and funny! These make for amazing souvenirs and keepsakes, right? In order to take pictures at the Purikura, you will need to pay 400 JPY (approx. 3 USD) in coins in the machine. Although the machine is in Japanese, it is easy to navigate.

43. Spend an evening at an Izakaya

Izakaya is a Japanese pub and it is totally an experience to be at one. For those who love to eat and drink, the Izakaya will be one of the most comfy places to spend time at with friends. They serve a wide variety of alcoholic drinks as well as a huge range of interesting and yummy snacks – snacks that taste amazing with alcohol. These Izakayas can be tiny shacks or very large, choose what you like and you will surely feel comfortable at all types of Izakayas.