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Foods To Try In Kyoto, Japan

Food & Drink Kyoto Kansai

Kyoto is crammed with Michelin-star restaurants, quaint cafes, chic cocktail bars and street food vendors. A visit to Kyoto is a gastronomic journey into the culture of the city. Here is your ultimate guide to the foods to try when you visit Kyoto, Japan.

8. Yatsuhashi

Yatsuhashi is another Japanese dessert enjoyed in Kyoto and is also a great souvenir idea. Yatsuhashi is a mochi-like dessert which can be enjoyed raw or baked. For a hard, crispy texture then opt for the baked version or choose the raw version which is wrapped as a dumpling and filled with anko. Yatsuhashi comes in flavours like cinnamon, green tea and black sesame.

7. Daifuku

What’s for dessert? Kyoto has got you covered with the tasty Daifuku. Daifuku is a Japanese dessert made from Mochi which is a rice paste. These small, soft, sweet rice buns are filled with a sweet filling and dusted with a sugary powder. These bite-sized treats may be white in color or a pale pink or green. Some popular Daifuku is Mame Daifuku which is filled with whole soybeans, Daifuku Aisu which is filled with ice cream or Ichigo Daifuku which is filled with anko and a whole strawberry.

6. Dango

Have a sweet tooth? Be sure to try out a Dango which is a Japanese sweet dumpling made from rice flour and served on a skewer. These delicacies are often paired with green tea. The Dango can be prepared and eaten in many ways. The most common type is the “Anko” which is served with a sweetened bean paste or the “Chadango” which is a green tea flavored Dango. Why not try a Mitarashi Dango which is covered in sweet soy sauce and gives off a pleasant caramel scent. Kids would love the Tri-Colour Dango which comes in a combination of green, yellow and brown colors, or a pink, green and white color. Dango can be steamed or poached with most of it being grilled to give it a slightly crispy interior and a gooey inside.

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