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Umami in New York

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Still not sure what umami is? Well, it's coming your way whether you like it or not. Need proof? As early as October 20, 2013, eighty guests joined Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries at the Soho House in New York for "Umami: From Japan to New York," an evening exploring and savoring Japan.

The first in a series of events designed to celebrate and share the unique qualities, flavors and traditions of Japanese cuisine, three world-renowned Japanese chefs paired their best seasonal creations with two of the country’s finest sakes for a delicious evening.

Soho House, a private members club in Manhattan, opened its doors and kitchens to welcome executive chefs Chikara Sono of Kyoya, Hiroki Abe of En Japanese Brassier and Takanori Akiyama of Sakamai.

Guests sipped award-winning bartender Shingo Gokan’s creative concoctions based on Chikurin Sake, while sampling a variety of dishes such as Tosazu-vinegared snow crab with five mushrooms and dried daikon radish, sea bream with black garlic miso, and roasted duck with grilled scallions and matsutake (pine mushroom) bread dumplings.

Soba master Shuichi Kotani of Word Wide Soba, Inc. demonstrated the fine art of soba-making to guests who later slurped their shiso (perilla herb) soba noodles in true Japanese fashion after dipping them in small cups of konbu dashi broth. The meal ended with matcha (green tea) and adzuki bean macaroons and a sweet potato and ginger pudding for dessert.

The evening rounded out with an unforgettable live performance of live taiko drumming. Gochisosamadeshita! (Thanks for the feast!)