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Michelin-Quality 'Ichiju-Sansai' Fish Recipe

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Michelin-Quality 'Ichiju-Sansai' Fish Recipe

This complete ichiju-sansai menu was designed by Japanese Master Chef Isao Yamada of the Michelin-starred Brushstroke restaurant in New York. It's been made possible through collaboration with food service provider Aramark Corporation, offering a fresh perspective on Japanese cuisine. Your one soup and three dishes await below!

Soup — Root Vegetable Soup with Sake Lees & Saikyo Miso

Soup — Root Vegetable Soup with Sake Lees & Saikyo Miso

Ingredients (5 to 6 servings):
* 850ml (28.7 fl oz) guinea fowl stock (or chicken stock)
* 30ml (2 tbsp) nigori-zake (unrefined sake)
* 100g (3.5 oz) sake lees
* 100g (3.5 oz) Saikyo miso (sweet yellow miso)
* 1.5g (0.05 oz) salt
* A splash of light soy sauce
* 1 lemon
* 1 leek
* 5g (0.2 oz) ginger
* 1 takanotsume "hawk claw" chili pepper
* 5g (0.2 oz) green pepper
* 250ml (8.5 fl oz) concentrated soy milk

1. In a pot, bring the soup stock and nigori-zake to a boil. While mixing, break up the sake lees and Saikyo miso and add them to the pot along with the salt, soy sauce, lemon, leek, ginger, hawk claw chili pepper and green pepper, and return to a boil.

2. Finally, add the concentrated soy milk and remove from heat just before it returns to a boil. Strain.

3. Serve with taro, carrot, burdock, lotus root, and other boiled root vegetables.