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These English Words Don't Mean What You Think!

Avoid miscommunication by learning about some Japanese loan words that are borrowed from English before your next trip!

Don't Fall into this Miscommunication Loop!

Learn how to avoid this common misunderstanding between Japanese and English by learning about situations where "yes" means "no."

7 Toy Winners of the Good Design Award

Take a look at seven extraordinary award-winning toys that deserved design certification.

Japanese & English Drunken Tongue Twisters

The Texan in Tokyo duo set out to attempt the impossible: Not only will they say bilingual tongue twisters, but they will also try them while drunk. Find out if they survive the test!

8 Things to Know About New Year's in Japan

All about Japan's biggest holiday of the year!

4 Easy Phrases to Rock Your Japanese Workplace

Japan has a number of set phrases that are used a lot in the workplace. Make a good impression on day one by knowing exactly what to say!

Top 10 Hardest Japanese Words to Pronunce

Can you enunciate all 10 of these commonly mispronounced words?

6 Cool Japanese Words for Snow

Japan has more than 100 ways to describe snow. Here are six of the most interesting varieties!

How to Navigate Japan With Just One Word

When people travel to a foreign country, they tend to try to pick up a few key phrases before they go: how to say hello, how to ask for the bill at a restaurant and so on. You can do that for Japan as well, but the truth is, you actually don’t need to.

36 Japanese Words to Describe Train Otaku

Are you into collecting train stamps, or is taking pictures of trains more your thing? No matter what your passion for trains may be, the Japanese language has a word for it!

Don't Be Too Proud to Ask

Learning a new language has its own lessons in humility. AAJ writer Nicholas Rich learned the tough way why he shouldn't be too proud to say, "Once more, please."

How do You Define 'Kawaii'?

Ad agency Dentsu seeks to visually define the term 'kawaii.' Do you agree? Watch the video and find out!

We Have the Technology to Read... Minds?!

While he's nowhere near the level of some telepaths like Professor X, Professor Toshimasa Yamazaki has found a way to read people's minds by utilizing the Japanese language.

Helpful Healthy Tips When Ordering Sushi

When it comes to calorie intake, not all sushi is created equal. So if you're looking for healthier options, be sure to follow these tips!

Laugh Your Way to Linguistic Enlightenment

Canadian rakugo sensation Katsura Sunshine offers a brilliant breakdown of some of the key quibbles of the Japanese language.

Read 141 GB of Ancient Japanese Texts Online

Access ancient Japanese texts at a click of a button with a new database courtesy of The National Institute of Japanese Literature.

Learn Japanese Calligraphy at Your Hotel

This workshop at the Shiba Park Hotel covers a single basic but fun point: how to write your name in katakana, hiragana and phonetic kanji. Best of luck with your brush technique!

How to Fix 7 Common Mistakes in Your Japanese

Picking up another language isn't easy, and you're bound to make a few mistakes along the way. But if you brush up on these seven common mistakes, you'll be sounding more and more like a native Japanese speaker!

7 Japanese New Year's Traditions Explained

One of Japan's most important holidays, New Year's, brings with it unique customs—some of which date back all the way to the 800s.