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The 10,000 Hours Approach to Japanese

Will investing 10,000 hours into studying Japanese make you fluent?

Will a Japanese Girlfriend Help Your Japanese?

If you're struggling with learning Japanese, is a Japanese girlfriend the answer to your problems?

7 Reasons to Love WaniKani for Kanji

Wanikani (literally “alligator-crab”) is a web application that uses mnemonics and space repetition software (SRS) to help users memorize approximately 2,000 kanji and radicals, plus over 6,000 Japanese words in two years or less!

Is Japanese a Difficult Language to Learn?

Not only do Japanese writing and grammar differ from English—even spoken Japanese differs significantly from what you'll learn in a textbook. Yet the answer to this question is quite elusive because “difficult” is a relative term.

How to Navigate Japan With Just One Word

When people travel to a foreign country, they tend to try to pick up a few key phrases before they go: how to say hello, how to ask for the bill at a restaurant and so on. You can do that for Japan as well, but the truth is, you actually don’t need to.

Top 10 Hardest Japanese Words to Pronunce

Can you enunciate all 10 of these commonly mispronounced words?

The 4 Keys to Japanese Greetings

A few common greetings will help break the ice with your Japanese counterparts.

8 Things to Know About New Year's in Japan

All about Japan's biggest holiday of the year!

The Most Inspirational Japanese Teacher

One of the first JOCV volunteers was a Japanese language teacher who used her skills to teach Japanese to people in Laos and other developing countries beginning in the 1960s.

Laugh Your Way to Linguistic Enlightenment

Canadian rakugo sensation Katsura Sunshine offers a brilliant breakdown of some of the key quibbles of the Japanese language.

47 Reasons Why Japanese Makes No Sense

Canadian rakugo comedian Katsura Sunshine riffs on some of the more ridiculous points of the Japanese language—including, in particular, the 47 ways he knows how to say "Thank you."

You Can Learn Japanese with Minecraft?!

What better way to use your language skills than making friends all over the world while avoiding being crushed to death by spiked ceilings or knocked into a bottomless pit?

Brett Mayer, Kanji Master

Meet the American man who became the only non-Asian to pass the top level of the Japan Kanji Aptitude Test.

We Have the Technology to Read... Minds?!

While he's nowhere near the level of some telepaths like Professor X, Professor Toshimasa Yamazaki has found a way to read people's minds by utilizing the Japanese language.

5 Reasons Taking the JLPT is a Good Idea

Anybody out there taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in December? If so, this guy is rooting for you!

Does a Japanese Spouse Make Japanese Easier?

Most people assume that learning a language is easier with a Japanese spouse, but it's not as easy as it seems.

How to Fix 7 Common Mistakes in Your Japanese

Picking up another language isn't easy, and you're bound to make a few mistakes along the way. But if you brush up on these seven common mistakes, you'll be sounding more and more like a native Japanese speaker!

Attack on Kansai-ben

Learn the Kansai dialect of Japanese with the Attack on Titan manga!

7 Japanese New Year's Traditions Explained

One of Japan's most important holidays, New Year's, brings with it unique customs—some of which date back all the way to the 800s.

Learn Japanese with a Five-Armed Octoped

Struggling to start with Japanese? Let Tako lend you a hand—or five. Wait, five?