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4 Ways to Learn Japanese from YouTube

Not only do we present YouTube's three best Japanese learning channels, we offer a slew of other ways to pick up the language through video!

The ABCs of the JLPT

Learn the ins and outs of the benchmark Japanese language test!

Modern-Style Calligraphy Gift Set

Want to really level-up your kanji skills? This authentic Japanese calligraphy set consists of artisanal writing tools selected by Shinseido, one of last makers of Suzuka Ink in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture.

The 6 Handiest Japanese Learning Tools

Learning Japanese is not as hard as you think!

(Actual) Fun Ways to Learn Japanese Abroad!

Here are some of our favorite tried-and-tested ways to learn Japanese while having fun! And you don't have to be in Japan to do them!

6 Key Tools for Passing the JLPT

Here's a list of six simple tools—both physical and digital—that will help you pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test with flying colors!

Useful Japanese Toilet Expressions

It's best to know enough of the local language to navigate to the nearest lavatory!

How Do You Work Study into a Random Schedule?

My wife and I were living in the house she grew up in, along with her brother’s very large family. My extreme lack of fluency placed me in an isolated, dependent, and helpless position.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Japanese Maples

Tourists flock to Japan for the cherry blossom season in spring, but many now also find themselves looking forward to the breathtaking views of Japanese maple trees in autumn as well.