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Survival Japanese for Concerts & Events

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So you've decided to attend an event from your favorite idols or artists, but how ready are you? Here are some often-used terms you should familiarize yourself with before you grab your penlights and muffler towels and get ready to go wild!

Here are some different terms used for the most common events held for Japanese music artists.

Live (ライブ, raibu): One of the most common terms for a stage performance.

Stage (ステージ, suteh-ji): Another common term for a stage performance.

Riri-ibe (リリイベ): Short for “release event.” These are held at shopping centers or music stores, and consist of a short “live“ and a handshake or two-shot meeting after for those who purchased the CD or DVD. Depending on where it takes place, it may be free to watch the live event.

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