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Become an Izakaya Guru with These 6 Videos

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With English narration and Japanese subtitles, Movie Life Kyoto is filled with little factoids and hilariously on-point observations that will be of interest to foreign visitors, and a source of much "that’s so true!" amusement for Japanese people, too!

First let’s start with an introduction to izakaya, Japanese pubs that serve food made for sharing along with plenty of alcohol, similar to a Western pub. There’s also an explanation of oshibori and the etiquette when using one. Remember, salarymen are not always the best example to follow.

Edamame are soybeans often served as a starter, and they go great with beer. See, Japanese people love edamame too!

Atsukan is the name for nihonshu (sake) when served hot. Check out the list of different temperatures the alcohol can be served at.

Kanpai is said in Japan as a toast, similar to ‘cheers;’ although it often turns into something far more lengthy.

When you arrive at an izakaya you may be served with otoshi before you place your main order to take the edge off your hunger.

Waribashi is a word that comes from waru meaning to break and hashi meaning chopsticks.

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