All About Japan

Meet Mario's Evil Twin

While not doing as much damage as Wario or Bowser, this new Mario character can scare the pants off you if you don't watch out!

Saddle Up, Chun-Li!

What do you get when you cross horses, sumo wrestlers and Street Fighter characters? Why, only the most exciting game known to man!

The Nintendo PlayStation Has Been Found!

The rivalry of two great gaming companies led to one console being all but forgotten.

Minecraft Meets Ghibli

A Minecrafter's world of Ghibli-inspired characters and scenery will make your jaw drop.

Metroid—In Live Action!

With a title that brings to mind James Bond's Skyfall, the newly released short film by Rainfalls, "Metroid: The Sky Calls" will have Metroid fans on the edge of their seats!

Heed These Warnings from the Dynasty Warriors

The Kanagawa Kohoku Police, Yokohama City Transportation Bureau, and Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors have teamed up to combat poor train etiquette in a series of hilarious posters.

5 Things Every Gamer Needs to Do in Tokyo

When IGN offers up its best picks, it's time to listen.

8-Bit Cinema's Princess Mononoke

Classic Ghibli reproduced in 8-bit glory!

Why Dangerous Anime Boys Are All The Rage

Why have modern reverse harem anime gone so dark?

Game On in Tales of Xillia Heels

Show your video game affiliation on your feet!

Ace Every Pillow Fight with a Hadoken Plushie

"Quarter circle forward + punch" sold separately.

NES Gets First New Cartridge in 21 Years

8Bit Music Power is a collection of 12 music tracks accompanied by some delightful 8-bit graphics.

Learn Japanese with a Five-Armed Octoped

Struggling to start with Japanese? Let Tako lend you a hand—or five. Wait, five?

You Can Learn Japanese with Minecraft?!

What better way to use your language skills than making friends all over the world while avoiding being crushed to death by spiked ceilings or knocked into a bottomless pit?

Zelda Orchestra Wows Stephen Colbert

Footage also revealed from "The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes."

How to Cook Cute Sausage Space Invaders!

Find out how to make these adorable sausage space invaders in just 60 seconds! Take us to your leader!

Michael Jackson via Shakuhachi

Joined by a pair of brilliant koto players, professional shakuhachi player Yoshimi Tsujimoto puts an incredible Japanese-style twist on a Smooth Criminal.