All About Japan

5 Things Every Gamer Needs to Do in Tokyo

When IGN offers up its best picks, it's time to listen.

8-Bit Cinema's Princess Mononoke

Classic Ghibli reproduced in 8-bit glory!

Ace Every Pillow Fight with a Hadoken Plushie

"Quarter circle forward + punch" sold separately.

NES Gets First New Cartridge in 21 Years

8Bit Music Power is a collection of 12 music tracks accompanied by some delightful 8-bit graphics.

Michael Jackson via Shakuhachi

Joined by a pair of brilliant koto players, professional shakuhachi player Yoshimi Tsujimoto puts an incredible Japanese-style twist on a Smooth Criminal.

Zelda Orchestra Wows Stephen Colbert

Footage also revealed from "The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes."

How to Cook Cute Sausage Space Invaders!

Find out how to make these adorable sausage space invaders in just 60 seconds! Take us to your leader!

Game On in Tales of Xillia Heels

Show your video game affiliation on your feet!