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Explore 'Your Name' in a Whole New Way

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You now have the chance to experience hit anime film Your Name in a whole new way thanks to Twitter user @kokopyy, who recreated the town Itomorimachi, where the movie’s female lead Mitsuha is from, in Minecraft.

@kokopyy put some amazing detail into the scenery and included famous landmarks from the movie, including Miyamizu Shrine, Itomori Lake and even the school.

The game data is available for Minecraft users to download here. Even if you don’t play the game, you can enjoy the scenes set to the song “Yumetoro” from the official soundtrack, which will send you on another emotional roller coaster ride.

Due to the game’s limitations, @kokopyy says it wasn’t possible to create the town to scale, and some small details had to be overlooked. To create the town from start to finish took about a month to complete, with particular attention paid to Miyamizu Shrine, which @kokopyy ended up rebuilding dozens of times to get just right.

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