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London-based concept artist Joshua Dunlop has created some amazing images using 3-D art. The Pokémon Zoology series that Dunlop has shared on his Facebook and Instagram accounts shows us some of our favorite Pokémon in such breath-taking reality and detail that the monsters seem to actually come to life!

Here it is! My brand new picture of everyone's favourite little electric Pokemon, Pikachu! Created using 3D-Coat, Zbrush, Keyshot and Photoshop! To help me create more work, please head on over to my Patreon here: Keep up to date with future work and more exciting news by following me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Instagram: What would you like to see next and why? Post your ideas below :) #Pokemon #PokemonGo #Pocketmonsters #PokemonTCG #Pokemongame #Pokemonart #Pokeart #Pokemonfanart #Pokemonartist #Pokemonsunandmoon #Pokemonsunmoon #Pokemon20 #Pokemon20th #Pikachu #Pikachuart #Pikachufanart #Pikapika #Pikachu20 #Conceptart #Conceptartist #Fanart #Nintendo #Gamefreak #JoshuaDunlop #JoshuaDunlopConceptArtist

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Of course, we have to have Pikachu! The detailed scenery makes it look even more real.

Bulbasaur is definitely looking cool and impressive here.

Squirtle looks mighty happy in the water!

Charmander is not just sizzling but burning HOT!

And here’s a wild Oddish, looking perfectly content perched on a fallen tree.

What’s even more awesome is that you can see time-lapse footage of how the image is created on Dunlop’s YouTube channel. The amount of time and effort that goes into the work is astounding and makes the images even more compelling.

If you want to see more of the fascinating world of Pokémon Zoology, make sure to check out Joshua Dunlop’s pages on ArtStation, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We for one can’t get enough of his surreal yet life-like artwork!

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